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Dapol 08 in 7mm scale

Originally posted on Albion Yard:


Albion Yard in 7mm next?


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Relationship turn-offs

Originally posted on ulearn2bu:

stick_figure_heartbreak_1600_wht_4444There was a lot of fuss last week about some research (in the Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin) about relationship turnoffs or deal breakers.

Nothing really surprising with STIs, violence and smelling bad on the leaderboard.

Over 2/3 of people thought an unclean dishevelled appearance was top of their list followed by almost as many disliking laziness, which might be what leads to the aforementioned scruffiness. Then again there are probably some people who like scruffy partners?

Being too needy was up there too, more so for women. Who wants needy bloke? And not having a sense of humour was seen as a negative.

After that the list seemed a bit of a hotch pitch to me.

Living more than 3 hours away seemed to be a stumbling block for half of the people in the survey. What happened to distance makes the heart grow fonder?


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Croydon NHS urgent care service review, public meetings

Originally posted on Inside Croydon:

NHS nurse genericNHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) plans and buys most health services in Croydon.

The current contracts for urgent care services end in March 2017, which means that they have started reprocurement for these services. The CCG needs to make sure that they have new contracts in place in April 2017.

Future urgent care services must provide safe, high quality care for more people, using changing technology and using the budget as effectively as possible.

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For all you M&GN fans

Nigel Digby has just published Volume 2 of his work on the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway covering Norwich to Peterborough and Little Bytham.

Like the first volume it is full of line diagrams, structure & line side drawings and plenty of photos. 

A weighty tome at £30 well worth the money.


Essential reading


Fav books too

Originally posted on Penlowry:

I have a number of books on my bookshelf that I’d consider essential reading for the railwayman and railwaywoman. I think it’s always worth reading about the life of railway staff from the past because you can learn a lot and it gives you a chance to laugh at their mistakes and then laugh when you make the same or similar ones.

I also think it is important to know where the railways have come from, to understand and play a role in taking them where they are going.

In my essential list are the four books from two great men. They are:

I tried to run a railway – Gerard Fiennes

Fiennes on rail – Gerard Fiennes

Steam in the blood – R H N Hardy

Railways in the blood – R H N Hardy.

I always try to reread them every couple of years. Right now I’m on…

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Station start

Through the good offices of our Chairman Wim I have purchased an etch of Bodiam station building which will be for Wimblehurst Road.

Construction has started as Wim wanted me to do the test build to see how practical producing an etched building in 3mm scale is.

Looking forward to the challenge and will provide updates as I go along.

The first stage is to mount the window frames on the outside and doors. I am treating my approach to the kit as if it were made of card construction and adding things whilst in the flat so to speak.

I have used superglue for the frames and doors. I could of soldered but knowing my luck it would have gone everywhere other than where needed and ruin the fine corrugated detail.

This is the roadside elevation hence the R. & the rest of the etch


Warley and the Dock Tanks

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All three versions of the Model Rail limited edition USRA dock tank are at Warley, on ‘Shelfie’ this weekend. They are stunning models and run really well, especially for pre production models. Come and see them stand C11.

On the subject of USRA, happy thanksgiving for the US readers!

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No going back now

Just received my invite to exhibit Wimblehurst (Wimhurst) Road at Croydon in October next year – wish me luck.

Hornby 2016 Range


Hornby 2016 range

Originally posted on Loco Yard:

Well I was not expecting this to come today!  With the model railway community preparing for the possibility of announcements at the forthcoming Warley National Model Railway Exhibition (this weekend), today Hornby have chosen today to announce their 2016 range!Hornby Peckett r3428

Having barely looked through, it’s difficult to make a full assessment, but it’s interesting to see the versions of the first versions of the unrebuilt Merchant Navy class (with a BR early version of the ever popular Clan Line), a Southern Railway liveried Adams Radial, a SE&CR liveried terrier, a four pack of LNER apple green locomotives (including the holly grail – an apple green A4 class) and predictably a BR green version of 60103 Flying Scotsman, looking just like the real thing will in a few months.

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More on my fav little loco

Originally posted on Locksands Life:

Today I am unashamedly showing some railway locos that will keep me happy. The small tank engines built by the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway in the 1870s became my favourite type of loco in my train spotting days getting on for 90 years after they were built. A few were still in service. One of them, my absolute favourite, was number 32635 which had been painted in its 1870s colour scheme. When I knew this loco it fussed around Brighton station, shunting things out of the way. Sadly, that particular engine got scrapped, but others survived. The work these engines did earned them the nickname, ‘Terriers’.

Back in 2001, on a trip to the Bluebell Railway they had no less than four of these wonderful locos gathered together and all working trains.

image002There are two of them about to depart with a train from Sheffield Park.



Here’s a…

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