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Reblogged- Branch Line Steam with an International Flavour

Last weekend I had the pleasure of a brief visit to the Kent and East Sussex Railway, one of my old haunts.  The railway has come a long way since preservation and is used far more than it ever did as a public serving line.  I vaguely remember the days when it ran between Tenterden to […]

Reblogged for Mr P – Perfect Pewsey

Originally posted on Steve’s 009 Adventure:Last weekend I pottered down to Pewsey to the 009 Society’s Wiltshire Group Members Day and MOMING ’15 (MODelling MINimum Gauge Railways). There were demonstrations, trade stands, many layouts and lardy cake… all crammed into the village hall. Here are three layouts I haven’t seen before that caught my eye.…

Reblogged–New Life ..

You could say that the hobby at the moment is better than its ever been, new companies and new products and techniques than we have seen before. We can pick and choose what we want, because there is so much out there. This is good but, and there’s always a but isn’t there?, there is […]

Reblogged-Recreation of Long Lost Cattle Wagon

It is important not to lose sight of the fact that railways were developed first and foremost for moving freight. On the modern day heritage railway, except when charters are run, a goods train rarely directly generates revenue, for the days of pick-up goods are long gone. It is therefore especially pleasing to see the lengths that preserved […]

Eagles fans angry as club moves to ban banners at Selhurst



Originally posted on Inside Croydon:

Crystal Palace Football Club risked the anger of their most loyal fans when they issued a statement late last night effectively banning banners from Selhurst Park unless they had been passed for approval in advance by the club.

Banned: wit, freedom of expression and social conscience. A thing of the past at Selhurst Park Banned: wit, freedom of expression and social conscience. A thing of the past at Selhurst Park

With Palace due to host Aston Villa at Selhurst Park tomorrow, the club statement, issued at 10pm last night, applies strict new rules on all fans’ banners “with immediate effect” and threatens a stadium ban for “any supporters putting up any unauthorised banners”.

Eagles fans have a well-earned reputation for creating a vibrant atmosphere within Selhurst Park, often off-putting to opposing sides. Much of that comes from the devoted Ultra followers in the Holmesdale end, who have earned the admiration of rival supporters for producing a series of elaborate banners, many of which display social conscience…

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Long and winding road – “The Last Great Project” – addendum reblogged 

Writing the last post must have got my modelling mojo back in order.  I spent an afternoon preparing a new ‘train box’ for club nights, using some US stock and a Kato Rock Island RS2 not appropriate for my layout, and repairing Microtrains couplers on a couple of coaches.  Replacing coupler springs improved my use of […]

Long and winding road – “The Last Great Project”- reblogged 

As one approaches a certain age, in my case retirement, one begins to become all to aware of one’ own mortality.  Sorry, that’s a really cheerful way to start a blog, but stay with me.  Over the years, we’ve seen a number of layouts in the UK modelling press called something like, “The Last Great […]

Protect your memory – reblogged 

Apparently we are experiencing an epidemic of premature memory loss. Scientists are now saying our memory begins to fade at 45 years of age rather than at 60 as was previously believed. Unfortunately failing mid-life memory – the occasional slips which are referred to as Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) – could also be an early […]

Best to go West? – reblogged 

Two years ago the Bluebell Railway realized a significant ambition by re-connecting with East Grinstead. The northern extension was a remarkable feat and achievement for the preserved line. The completed northern extension has proven to be beneficial to the Bluebell Railway and beyond for the local economy.  Since then the railway opened the extension it has […]

Controlling Interests #9 Operating from the front -reblogged

As with any layout the old adage says “it is never finished” this is true of Fisherton Sarum.  Regularly after operating the layout at an exhibition, more often or not in the pub over a pint, ideas for modifications / ‘improvements’ are suggested by the operating team (usually a combination of Mark and Roger…), some more […]

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