Town Hall’s dynamic duo on wrong track over East Croydon


Harebrain scheme to rename East Croydon – waste of money!

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CROYDON COMMENTARY: As commuters face a fortnight of rail disruption (yes, some still work over Christmas), our local politicians and officials are spending their time proposing unnecessary re-naming schemes. It is an admission that they have run out of ideas, writes STEVEN DOWNES

The vacuousness of local politics, and local politicians, appears without end.

cropped-east_croydon_station_signage.jpgThis is not an opinion formed overnight.

But when the best initiative that the highly paid numb-nuts at Fisher’s Folly can come up with is to announce a desire to re-name East Croydon Station, then you can only conclude that they have lost the plot.

As of this weekend, rail services ceased running into London Bridge for two weeks to enable engineering works to be conducted in and around the commuter terminus (with Network Rail’s fingers crossed that the work can be completed in that time). Got to get to work in The City or Southwark…

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Don’t stress about Xmas


Good advice about dealing with Christmas stress

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snowman_pointing_pc_400_clr_4412For many people Christmas comes second only to financial problems as a source of stress in their lives.

And of course Christmas can be expensive too and we are as likely to be as stressed about that as we are about coping with everything that has to be done on the day.

Everybody feels stressed at times; it’s a natural response when we think or feel that we can’t cope, that things are getting on top of us.

Ways to de-stress and relax at Christmas

First tackle the way you think about Christmas. Do you look at it as a positive fun-filled time or just a lot of hard work? Has it got sad memories? Do you dread the in-laws?

Having a positive mental attitude and a sense of humour is really important for your well-being. Be positive rather than dwelling on the negatives in life.

Don’t focus…

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#WadGate report delayed as inquiry seeks more information


Fishergate the story continues

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Mike #WadGate Fisher, and the rest of Croydon’s Tories, have at least another three weeks to wait for the outcome of the inquiry into how the former Conservative council leader managed secretly to claim an extra £11,000 in Town Hall allowances.

Mike Fisher's rarely been seen at the Town Hall lately, and has appeared distracted when present

Mike Fisher’s rarely been seen at the Town Hall lately, and has appeared distracted when present

Fisher was forced to stand down as the Croydon Tories’ leader in September when he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar to top-up his council allowances of £53,223. His opportunistic opposite number Tony Newman opted to prolong the agony by setting up an “independent” inquiry, chaired by former headteacher Anne Smith.

Fisher’s been rarely seen at the Town Hall since his fall from grace. Losing the leadership completed a triple whammy for Fisher, who in the previous 12 months had failed even to get on the shortlist for the Tories’…

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Finescale Review No.2


Looking forward to reading my copy over Christmas

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In this issue there’s a wide range of subjects covered:

Inset and paved trackwork, Brian Harrup modelling in P87, finescale HO.
Tyne Dock Hoppers, Pete Hill, etched and whitemetal kits assembled largely with superglue.
New Street Lamp Room, Jim Smith-Wright, 4mm scale building construction
Working with whitemetal, David Brandreth shows soldering techniques for this material
The Country Drewery, Tim Shackleton weathers a 7mm Drewery using a variety of mediums
Swinging the Gates, Nigel Cliffe shows his level crossing gate mechanism
GE/LNER F5 Fank in S7 John A Gardner modifies the Connoisseur kit

The editorial thanks the subscribers and purchasers of issue one for their support and expresses surprise that it was accepted so readily. That another quality finescale magazine has been welcomed by modelers in addition to the well established Model Railway Journal, comes as no surprise at all. The printing quality is excellent, the layout reads well and the…

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Wild Swan no more

Something I was not aware of :(
“on Tuesday 16th December 2014, the book publishing side of Wild Swan Press was taken over by Titfield Thunderbolt Books. The residual magazine publishing business will continue trading as “Cygnet Publications”..