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Think we got the rough end of the stick with London Bridge but London is full of beautiful buildings

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The posts over the coming week are the result of a journey along the River Thames from the city to Greenwich that Sue and I took a couple of weeks ago. We started from London Bridge. This one which replaced the old Bridge in 1973 but is still referred to by many as the new bridge. The bridge it replaced (built 1824-5) was sold and now resides in Arizona USA where I understand it spans a canal.

The modern London Bridge

London Bridge, Lake Havasu City

The 19th century London bridge in Lake Havasu, Arizona
Phot by cobalt123 (

One of the more notable buildings at London Bridge is the Shard, opened 2 years ago. It is possible to travel to almost the top and get fantastic views of London from an observation deck.

The Shard

The Shard

Shard Selfie

photo by Nate Edwards (
The viewing gallery

Hays wharf which stands on southern the river side is a…

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Coalition welfare reforms have FAILED – In figures


Failed as we knew they would

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The Tory-led coalition introduced the Welfare Reform Act with many policies collectively aimed at reducing the Housing Benefit bill by “nearly £2 billion per year by 2014/15″.

The actual HB bill has increased by £2.1 billion above the governments target and so is £4 billion above the ‘inherited’ figure in real terms.

This means that all of the welfare reforms (sic) listed below which all aimed to reduce the HB bill have failed:

  1. LHA cap
  2. LHA increase in SAR age from under 25s to under 35s
  3. LHA freeze in 2012/13 and in 2013/14
  4. Bedroom Tax
  5. Benefit Cap

The DWP said in its magazine called HB Digest published in early July 2010 that:

The Chancellor announced a package of Housing Benefit (HB) reforms in his Budget statement on 22 June. Ministers are clear that the overall cost of HB, forecast to be around £20 billion this financial year, must be controlled…

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Tram loop to cost £25m as Boris ‘panders to developers’


Future tramlink developments

Originally posted on Inside Croydon:

The Tramlink loop proposed by London Mayor Boris Johnson, for the benefit of Westfield and Hammerson’s supermall in central Croydon, will cost an eye-watering £25 million.

At least £15 million of that will be paid by London’s tax-payers.

More than 60 trams could be passing East Croydon every hour under expansion plans

Tram usage could double by 2030, according to TfL figures

As Inside Croydon reported last week, the scheme – the first new section since Tramlink opened nearly 15 years ago – is intended to relieve some congestion on the trams, yet will provide considerable inconvenience for tram users compared to the current service, as passengers will have to make multiple changes to continue journeys past East Croydon.

And between them, the Hammersfield shopping mall developers will be expected to pay no more than 40 per cent of the cost of laying the new tracks around this Dingwall Road loop.

The Tramlink network, from Wimbledon to Beckenham Junction, opened in 2000 having…

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Featured Image -- 3019

Gallery of the Home Fleet


Watercress gala

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2014 Autumn Steam Gala Watercress Line - Ropley - BR Standard 9F Class 92212Today we finally wrap up the articles from the Watercress Line’s Autumn Spring Steam Gala with a gallery of pictures.  By now, the locomotives featured here (850 Lord Nelson, 925 Cheltenham, 9F 92212 and Black 5 45379) have featured so many times that there seems little reason to look at them again in depth.  I hope you enjoy looking through the pictures!

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TfL’s tram scheme will benefit Westfield, but not passengers


Money talks!

Originally posted on Inside Croydon:

Alerted by a report on Inside Croydon, BERNARD WINCHESTER’s research into Transport for London’s proposal for a new Tramlink loop has some troubling conclusions

Tramlink tram at East CroydonDo you catch the tram from Harrington Road or Beckenham to West Croydon or Surrey Street market?

If you do, make the most of it, because soon your journey could become much more difficult judging by Transport for London’s latest proposals.

The significance of these plans is that the central Croydon tram loop will no longer be used. Instead, trams will be turned back at East Croydon via a new small loop, euphemistically called “an extension” by TfL.

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