Direct Payments – the tenant moves from captive customer to real customer


Could not agree more. DP will have an affect on income for both Councils and RSL with the resulting fall in income affecting both tenants and staff alike.

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One of the welfare reform policies is direct payments or DP and this is the one that will change the face of social housing more than any other.  Forget the bedroom tax or any other welfare reform policy, DP is the one policy that has council and housing association landlords worried sick.

Yet, as with all welfare reform policies DP is ill-considered by government and yet again social landlords are making a pig’s ear of a response by not thinking it through fully and being ill-prepared for this particular change.

3.4 million or so social housing tenants have their rent paid through Housing Benefit. This goes directly to the social landlord with the HB money never passing through the tenants hands.  Landlords like this arrangement and have become accustomed to it.  Tenants like this too as they have never had to worry about paying rent if on benefit.

To put…

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Bluebell Railway (6): H class 263


A fav loco i have a kit in 3mm to build

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H class 263 was built at Ashford, Kent in 1905 and was designed for surburban passenger services on the LSECR. It later saw service on Sussex rural branch lines and could often be found on the line between East Grinstead and Three Bridges. It was withdrawn from service in 1964 and went into preservation with stays at Robertsbridge and Ashford before arriving at the Bluebell Railway in 1975.



It was performing shunting duties in the loco yard on the day I vsiited.


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Model railways might be “fun”


More views on our hobby

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For part 3 of this mini-epic, here’s Chris Mears’ take on the previous articles, posted on his own blog.  Apologies, Chris, as I’ve just lifted your comments from your re-blog.  (I am never quite sure where copyright starts on a blog – I assume a long attributed quote is OK, even if any permission is retrospective!)

I enjoy the way in which Mike Cougill thinks about the hobby. I envy his willingness to ask not only good but seemingly new questions and I completely agree so many of his viewpoints. As rich as his questions were it was Simon’s really terrific blog post, which I’m sharing here, that I found really focused my attention on the original twenty questions and my response to them.

We spend a lot of time trying to justify our involvement in model railways to those outside the hobby. These models we build are amazing works…

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