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Mid Hants Gala 3

As mentioned earlier the 7F had to be withdrawn from the gala leaking steam from the boiler due to a defective gasket, but was in light steam in Ropley yard

My fav loco was definitely the Flying Pig

The Royal Scot was another guest loco

Unlike the Feb gala the weather was very kind to us.

Mid Hants Gala 2

Video of the Ivatt 2-6-0 “Flying Pig” on the freight and passenger 

Mid Hants Gala

Visited the Mid Hants Gala down in Hampshire with the good Mr P today. We both had a great time. 

Unfortunately the 7F had a blown gasket which meant it was leaking steam and by the sound of it is a major job to get at.

Checking the line

MRJ 250

MRJ at its best , just like the old days. Also features a pretty fine 3mm layout “Lakebank”.

Wimblehurst Road – day 2

One man band today. Things that worked yesterday didn’t today but I coped and looking back enjoyed the weekend and a big thank you to my fellow 3mm modellers who lent me stock and helped operate.

A potential 3 shows might be in the offering for 2017 so watch this space. Here are some photos.

Went the day well

Yes a good day had at Croydon show. Few teething troubles but to be expected.

So here’s to tomorrow.

Wimblehurst Road – 1st exhibition 

Exhibiting Wimblehurst Road at Croydon show this weekend should be fun 😀

Wish me luck.

After a long day

TINGS 2016 #3

Good show


The Black Diamonds group had a large modular US layout on display.  There was some criticism of this layout on N Gauge Forum, saying that the scenery was disappointing, there were too few trains that were too long, and that the trains went too slow.

The first criticism was probably fair enough, as some modules were works in progress.  But the others were not fair.  American goods trains are often long and often slow as well.  It was refreshing to see a goods train move at scale speed.  There seemed to be plenty of movement on the layout when I was watching, but they were operating under dispatcher control, so trains would be at realistic intervals, and not tail chasing.


The coal mine was impressive on size alone….


And the end loops gave some ideas for fiddle yards for ESNG in the future.  I liked the second one shown, where…

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