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Site Update – the I have a bench finally edition

Andrew's Trains

It has been more than 20 years since I last had a dedicated modelling room, and the spaces within which, to continuously model. It is nice to be able to leave out projects that I am working on, and not have to worry about little hands and my wife getting grumpy at me because of the mess I leave about. I’m not complaining mind. Just saying that it is nice to be able to leave out projects that I’m not quite finished with and come back to them hours, days or even weeks later without the guilt of being in another’s way.

I was lucky in finding a solid glass top desk in a local thrift store (on the cheap mind). Nice thick glass (perfectly flat and great to use when scratchbuilding) with plenty of space to build and keep the projects on (see the image on the left).

And there…

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Kyle of Sutherland in Hornby Magazine

Kyle of Sutherland

Shuttleworth 4754 Hornby Magazine Pic.jpeg

Tim Shackleton spread this photo across two pages of the July 2018 issue of Hornby Magazine. His article “Braking the Mould” describes how he made the two unfitted BR 20T brakes in the “Shuttleworth Train” (see “April Progress”), which featured at Railex 2018.

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Wordless Wednesday (Shelfie)

Albion Yard

Shelfie 1
OO Gauge

Shelfie 1
OO Gauge

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Wimblehurst Road

Been awhile since I posted a thing on the layout.

Unfortunately had to pull out of the Pevensey Show as life has conspired against me namely lost of job and family illness.

However I have taken the opportunity to relay some of the track and also the point to the long siding which packed up.

As an inherited layout so to speak I have no idea of what wire goes where so also requiring the layout and replacing the Hoffman point motors with Cobalt ones.

Both at Uckfield and Beckenham found that operating from the front was not practical as you always need 3 people to operate so also building a central control panel to operate from behind.

Also considering replacing the 2 end boards – they are odd sizes, very heavy and a pig to transport, so 2 x 2’x1′ boards might be the order of the day instead. Might increase the width to 1’6″ so there is room for stock storage should I go down the traverser root?

Wartime in the Vale 2018

1940's Pin-Up Entertainer Kitten von Mew

For Father’s Day this year, we thought a trip to Ashdown Camp’s Wartime in the Vale would be a great idea. I had to swallow my pride a little, as I used to perform there many years ago and was let go when a new entertainment organiser was brought in.

We firstly stopped at the fabulous Fourteas in Stratford Upon Avon to have a family breakfast (thoroughly recommend the G.I. Breakfast and Earl Grey tea!) before heading to Evesham.

The event has increased hugely from the small field event it once was. I could hardly recognise the place! We got there at midday, with no entrance queues and there were huge displays of military vehicles. The main arena had First World War and WWII vehicles, tanks and cavalry (best displays I have seen at a show).

There were lots of stalls (a few good ones, but 50% were annoying tat…

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Rebuilding Battersea from the ground up.

Stephen Liddell

A little bit of a different post today as I’m supremely busy as will become clear in the coming days!

Last week I was in the unusual situation of visiting Battersea and the neighbouring Nine Elms neighbourhood. It isn’t very high in the tourist route and there aren’t many hotels there either.

All of this is about to change though with the creation of London’s newest neighbourhood, though largely a rebranding and the most humongous building programme imaginable. It is often said that their is more in London than the whole of Europe combined. If that is the case then there must surely be more construction in Battersea Nine Elms than many countries.

You can see some scale in the map below with half the District demolished and perhaps a little unkindly, much of the other half looking like it will be… or should be. Or at least it is…

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7mm Narrow Gauge Association Exhibition 2018

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

Last weekend was the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association’s annual exhibition in Burton on Trent. I’ve been a member of the Association for over 2 years but this is the first time I’ve visited the exhibition.

I was impressed, the 7mm NGA certainly do things in sytle. The venue is the elegant Burton on Trent Town Hall, a lovely piece of Victorian architecture. They had organised a super selection of layouts in a wide variety of scales, gauges and geographies. There were a large number of traders, many catering specifically for the 7mm scale modellers, and the 7mm Association’s trade stands featuring publications, second hand items, new modelling goods and the specialist On30 stand.

The catering was very good and there is even a licensed bar (I guess you’d expect this in a venue built using donations from the Bass family!). I had a sausage cob and chips on arrival (to energise…

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This Weekend

Reawakening Brewery Pit

Grasslands Models

For those that don’t know, Brewery Pit is my main OO gauge layout that I started constructing in 2008 while I lived in Ilfracombe.

Brewery Pit at Swindon Model Rail 2015 Brewery Pit at Swindon Model Rail 2015

It is based on the atmosphere and surrounds of Burton upon Trent’s extensive brewery operations with tall red bricked buildings towering over the main line and private brewery sidings.

The layout is set in autumn at some point in the late 1940s, but I do on occasion run various other eras too.

The fiddle yards are designed around a cassette system and the layout normally runs in DCC, but operates in analogue mode from time to time.

Brewery Pit in the sunshine Brewery Pit in the sunshine

I’ve tried to ensure that handling of rolling stock is kept to a minimum while the layout is in operation, so most of the wagons have automatic sprat and winkle couplings fitted and are suitably weighed down…

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Heljan’s O Gauge Class 50

Albion Yard

Heljan O Gauge Class 50 4020 4021 4023 4024 4025

Heljan have kindly sent across images of the engineering prototype for their O gauge British Rail Class 50. As usual at this stage, it’s an early prototype and subject to change. Some details have already been identified for improvement.

Heljan O Gauge Class 50
4020 4021 4023
4024 4025

Release dates are to be confirmed with a price of £699.00, six versions will be produced for general sale through Heljan stockists, plus two limited edition exclusives for Hatton’s Model Railways (Departmental blue 50008 and Dutch 50015). Research and development has been assisted through all stages by The Fifty Fund. Engineering samples will be available to be viewed at the Severn Valley Railway’s Class 50 Golden Jubilee Gala on October 4-6, see Class 50 Golden Jubilee  for more information on this event.

Heljan O Gauge Class 50

Proposed models are:

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