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Owner ‘rises to the challenge’ as businesses quit Boxpark

Inside Croydon

“Stop sort of complaining about your lot and get on with rising to the challenge, that’s my message to people,” businessman Roger Wade said recently.

“You can’t have the council going out trying to protect local businesses.”

Open all hours: Boozepark

Wade is the founder of Boxpark, the East Croydon-based venue which ahead of its first year of operation received a £3million loan from Croydon Council, plus £180,000 in public subsidy from the Town Hall. So the idea of Wade offering tough-love advice to other businesses which have not received a penny from Croydon Council may seem a little rich.

Especially so since, in the past couple of months, Wade’s Boozepark has seen around half a dozen of its food and drink tenants shut up shop and quit Croydon amid growing discontent at the management style and decisions of their landlords.

MUD, a fair dink ’em Australian brunch and coffee…

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Warley thoughts


Well, better late than never. I thought I’d give my thoughts on the Warley experience this year.

Well I thought it was good. I heard some mutterings about it not being as big as before etc but it depends whether you want to see lots or quality really.

I tried to have a quick catch up with Phil Parker as I’ve emailed him a few times but never conversed face to face (and to say I tried the fruit cake – substantial but I’ve had better) but the length of his fan club queue meant I had to give that up for another day.

Best conversation of the day was with Brassmasters where one chap read out my list, one got the bits, and one totted up the score. Well honed procedure over many years, said I. No, came the reply, the first bloke turned up half an hour ago…

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Up the Ouse Valley Line

Thunders Hill was the inspiration for me to model 3mm

Ouse Valley Modeller

So a few weeks ago Tarring Neville was at the Brighton MRC show. Its a fairly small show and has a nice friendly atmosphere. The layout ran well although the one Cobalt motor on the layout sounds like its going to pack up soon so I’ll be removing it and replacing it with a simple rod and microswitch instead. My friend Richard came along had a nice little Terrier with him which we gave a run.

Opposite us at the show was Peter Bossom’s 3mm layout ” Thunders Hill”. It, like Herstmonceux, is based on the Ouse Valley line but set in 1936-38. Its a layout that I have only seen pictures of so was really pleased to see it in the flesh. Thunders Hill is actually a road near Chiddingly and if Peter’s station had been built it would of been the next along the line from Herstmonceux.


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£100m new scheme for Selhurst – but no one’s told Sainsbury’s

Inside Croydon

How Palace’s architects have drawn the futuristic new stand at Selhurst Park

Questions have been raised about plans, unveiled today, for a redeveloped Selhurst Park stadium for Crystal Palace Football Club.

The club has been considering up-grading Selhurst Park for at least five years. Yet sources at Croydon Town Hall say that the blueprints for the scheme were only presented to the council’s planning department within the past fortnight for pre-application discussions, and there is a suggestion that the club is yet to open discussions with Sainsbury’s, who operate a superstore on the football ground site.

Unmentioned at today’s launch and in the glossy presentation which was slavishly published at the weekend by a Guildford-based, small-circulation newspaper, is that the scheme would also require the demolition of seven houses, on Wooderson Close, and that this would need a Compulsory Purchase Order through the council.

The scheme is large enough that…

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Canute Road Quay to appear at The Model Railway Club’s Open Day / Mini Exhibition next Sunday 10th December

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

Canute Road Quay will be making an appearance at The Model Railway Club’s open day / mini exhibition next Sunday 10th December at their London Keen House club rooms.

USA 0-6-0t No 72 still with original style bunker and cab shunts past a warwell wagon loaed with a Sherman M4 tank at Canute Road Quay.

The Model Railway Club’s own Layouts: Copenhagen Fields (2mm FS), Empire Mills (EM), Lacey Dale (N) and Putnam Yard (HO) will be operating.  In addition to Canute Road Quay a couple more visiting layouts will be in attendance namely: Rixworth Green (P4) – 1920s Southern and Elkington-on-Sea Tramways – inpsired by the 1950s British seaside resorts.

Other displays include the MRC’s 00 and 0 gauge teams running stock from their layout projects on the test tracks. There will also be a selection of pre-owned models available from The MRC shop, and of course refreshments (including a selection…

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Weathering Mineral Wagons (Again)

The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews

For the seasoned OTCM reader this video you’ve seen, so don’t be thinking we’ve been making more helpful videos.

This is for the new readers (hello Nan!) since the first exhibition who have said they would love to know how we rust wagons and have struggled to find the original post, so here it is again showing what you can do when you should be working at home and are using only one hand. No tripods here at OTCM.


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First Bulleid Diesels from Kernow Model Rail Centre in 00 arrive and the wait has definately been worth it!

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

I realise some will concentrate on the time taken since these models were first announced some time ago by the Kernow Model Rail Centre,  it has been well documented that the necessary research for the production of the CADS for these diesels with their complex multiple curved exterior shape has taken much longer than planned. When last year additional information came to light the development process moved on at a fast pace and now production of the first versions has now been completed. These are the first models that Kernow Model Rail Centre have worked directly with the factory on China on all aspects of the design, tooling and manufacture. Has the time taken been worth it… you bet it has!

No 10201 as built. Official BR publicity photograph from my collection.

In 1949 the frames for No. 10201, a 1Co Co1 loco, were laid at Ashford Works under the…

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Collins deserves new T-shirt as fly-tip figures start to fall

Inside Croydon

Now might be the time for Stuart Collins to start dishing out the T-shirts.

Stuart Collins (right) and his T-shirts. Figures published today demonstrate that his campaign is having some effect

Three years ago, the Labour councillor put in charge of getting Croydon’s streets clean, launched a “Don’t Mess With Croydon – Take Pride” campaign, handing out badges and balloons before he had the bins and road-sweeping staff in place to back-up the sloganising.

But today, following a £1.3million investment in the road-cleaning programe with contractors Veolia, Croydon Council produced figures which showed a decrease in fly-tipping incidents across the borough of more than one-fifth, compared to the same six-month period in 2016.

From April to October this year there were 11,876 reported incidents of fly-tipping, down from 15,211 during the same period in 2016.

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Lananta- Tree Magic

Nicks workshop mutterings

I have now done a final sketch for the backscene and decided to play around with some trees to see the effect. I had a few specimen trees recycled from previous layouts with some hedging. These have been temporarily placed in the scene and suddenly it is all starting to come to life;

Here you can see that I have also given some texture to the estuary sand and some water flowing from the river and starting to creep in around the ship.

Here an Oak tree (which in fact is on at least it’s third layout) is going provide a good scene blocker to reduce the view through the bridge to the fiddle yard.

Finally I have painted a small mock up of part of the backscene and placed it behind the trees to see the effect.

I think it is going to work well!!

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Warley Exhibition 2017 news round up for Southern related items, Bachmann, @hornby, @hattonsmodels, Dapol

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

The weekend saw the Warley National Model railway Exhibition at the NEC,  as in previous years I have endeavoured to round up some of the news and items of interest from mainly a Southern / BR(s) perspective.  It has been usual for some of the manufacturers to use the event to make announcements of new items or showcase updates to new products under development, this year however relevant new announcements were thin on the ground but there are a small number of SR  / BR(s) related updates as shown below.

The full size H Class was the centrepiece of the combined Hornby and Hornby Magazine stand at Warley

Also many thanks to those of you who read this blog for popping by the Hornby Magazine Twelve Trees Junction layout where I was playing trains for the weekend. For the first time Hornby Magazine and Hornby had a joint stand, demonstrating…

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