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Mickelover MRG’s 37114 Dunrobin Castle.

Max Stafford's Kennel

“Having been some time in preparation, a splendid model is guaranteed for all. “

Sorry, John! 😉

Mine is still to arrive but this excellent review from the Dean Park gang tells you what you need to know about this fine model.

Waiting enthusiastically for postlady now!

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Track Completed (Almost)

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

The track laying has progressed well. All of the track in the middle (scenic) section is in place and there are two lines of track on each traverser.

I started by laying the points, adding the Cobalt point motors and testing them to check they worked. I’m pleased to say everything was fine and I started work on the rest of the layout.

The sleepers are held in place with track pins and glued to the baseboard with UHU. UHU is not my favourite glue, I find it can be rather ‘stringy’ and can leave long trails of glue over the work if you are not careful. Previously, I’ve used super glue to stick the track down but UHU has been good for this job because it takes longer to set and gives me more time to position the track.

Each piece of track has an electrical connection. For the…

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Richmond Steam Fair

Went to the Richmond Steam Fair in Kent yesterday. Had the good fortune to help operate an O gauge/16.5 Narrow gauge layout through an invite by Mr P.

Really enjoyed playing trains with the added bonus of being able to photograph the narrow gauge engines running along with traction engines and classic cars.

Here are the photos

Quiet but busy


I always know when my boys are up to no good. They go quiet. I wouldn’t say I’ve been up to no good but I have been busy – mainly because I’ve been on holiday!

T’missus, as is her way, hit the nail on the head when she said my office / railway room had descended into chaos. She was right, but I’d have labelled it a right sh!thole!

So some organisation has gone on (as well as a fantastic night away – the first without the MiniMes since they came on the scene – to celebrate 10 years of t’missus putting up with me).

Cupboard under the baseboard for the scenery materials made out of the remains of the kitchen peninsula we removed some time ago.

Organised the stock.

Went to Driffield steam fair.

Perused the Patriarch’s library.

Erected a display cabinet for those things that don’t fit the…

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Tory housing strategy that does nothing to build more homes

Tories don’t want social housing that’s clear and the affordable quota has more a less disappeared as shown by our friends at Brick by Brick!

Inside Croydon

BARRATT HOLMES, our housing correspondent, on the missed opportunity of the housing Green Paper, published yesterday

Croydon Council’s Brick by Brick, founded in 2015, won’t complete its first home until next month

The housing Green Paper, published yesterday, had been promised for some considerable time. They were even working on a government housing strategy document when Gavin Barwell was the latest in a succession of short-stay Tory housing ministers. And whatever happened to him?

One housing policy dreamt up when Barwell was in government, to compel local councils and housing associations to sell their most valuable properties, has finally been abandoned, seen for the pernicious, counter-productive nonsense that it was.

But otherwise? The Green Paper was promised by Sajid Javid (when it was his turn to be housing minister for a few weeks) to be “a landmark opportunity” to re-calibrate the country’s housing market. But community campaigners, economists and…

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Flipping Typical

Some people don’t appreciate the significance 😂

Part Time Spotter

Now I’ve been a Rail Enthusiast for about 40+ years and the wife looks at them as “oh it’s a train“, you know … the ones that say ‘well it gets me from A to B‘. So she came home Monday night and informed us that she had a meeting in Gloucester on Tuesday and was meeting colleagues at Paddington and going by train. Can you guess where this is going? She was catching the 07:36 to Cheltenham, so I sent a text asking what type of train she was on. Reply; “dunno it’s a train“. A quick email off to the Gen group and it came back as 800309. A flipping new class 800. I mean come on … I’ve seen a few but not been on one. So she notches up 113 mile 71 chains on a new 800. She then…

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Petrichor – The sweet smell of falling rain.

Stephen Liddell

It’s a sensation most of us familiar with though if you’re living in much of the Northern Hemisphere then like me, it might not be one you’ve been familiar with recently.  The sweet smell of rain or Petrichor.    The name was first coined by two Australian scientists Isabel Joy Bear and Richard Thomas in their 1964 article “Nature of Argillaceous Odour”, published in the journal Nature.

The word was coined from Greek petros, meaning “stone”, and ichor, meaning “the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods”.

It turns out it’s not just gratitude that makes rain smell so appealing after a long period of dry weather.  There’s actually some chemistry involved too.

Bacteria, plants and even lightning can all play a role in the pleasant smell we experience after a thunderstorm; that of clean air and wet earth.

“These critters are abundant in soil,” explained Prof Mark…

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A little inspiration…

Wished I’d gone too. Didn’t go for much the same reasons.


I thought about going to Railwells 2018 last Saturday, but having just been to Shepton Mallet (just down the road) the week before, I couldn’t face another holiday Saturday on the road.  Seeing this video, I rather wish that I had gone.  Well worth watching the full 25 minutes.

What really impresses me about this show, is that it is often difficult to tell the difference between 2mmFS, ‘N’, 4mm and 7mm layouts.  It’s often the coupler types that give it away.

Layouts on display, and I think most of them were in the video, were….

Bodmin & Wadebridge Railway – 2mm Finescale
Lower Rose Goods – P4 Finescale
Pwllheli – P4 Finescale
Wantage – 009 Scale
The Worlds End – 00 / 4mm Scale
Bridge Sidings – 3/4mm to 1 Foot
Mount Woodville – P4 Finescale
Ballyconnell Road – 3mm Finescale
Plaxtol Road – 0 / 7mm Scale

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Well I’m Back …

Part Time Spotter

So yesterday I only managed to get a look (and photo) of 66787 resplendent in it’s new GBRF livery.

66787 on 6K39 1152 Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf to Grain Foster Yeoman Gbrf 66787 on 6K39 1152 Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf to Grain Foster Yeoman Gbrf

Today we have:
6Y91 1110 Newhaven Day Aggs Gbrf to Grain Foster Yeoman Gbrf 66787.
66787 on 6Y91 1110 Newhaven Day Aggs Gbrf to Grain Foster Yeoman Gbrf 66787 on 6Y91 1110 Newhaven Day Aggs Gbrf to Grain Foster Yeoman Gbrf

7Y36 1025 Cliffe Brett Marine to Crawley Foster Yeoman 66134.
66134 on 7Y36 1025 Cliffe Brett Marine to Crawley Foster Yeoman 66134 on 7Y36 1025 Cliffe Brett Marine to Crawley Foster Yeoman

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All change on the buses, as now 412 suffers a service cut

Inside Croydon

Transport for London has just announced another reduction in service to a busy bus route in Croydon.

There will be fewer 412 buses running from September 1

The 412, which runs between West Croydon and Purley, is to be reduced from four buses an hour to three, the change to be implemented from September 1.

TfL announced the service change last night. It is, they say, initially temporary, though they appear determined to make it permanent.

In common with other service reductions, they say that the changes are “to match demand”.

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