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Eggesford signalling

Nicks workshop mutterings

I have now got around to reinstalling the signals on Eggesford. The late Jeremy Dixon had fully working signals using hand made controls. These consisted of a magnet attached to a small length of brass tube whic was made to slide up and down via a crank attached to an old Triangle TT point motor;

A fairly crude but very effective mechanism. The end of the operating wire from the signal has a soft iron end which is attracted by the magnet when it drops and is pushed up when it rises.

I have removed the old solenoid and replaced it with a servo which is operated by Heathcote servo boards;

The operating wire for the servo board is fed back to the locking lever frame and we now have fully interlocked points and signals. Below shows. The UP stater in situ with the DOWN inner home in the distance.

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Royal Arsenal Narrow Gauge

Hi all

May be of interest to Narrow Gauge fans.

£1.4bn Westfield: Wait goes on as planning meeting scrapped

The wait goes on

Inside Croydon

BARRATT HOLMES reports on the latest delay in long-promised town centre redevelopment

More frustrations have been raised about when, if ever, work will begin on the £1.4billion Westfield supermall in Croydon after the council cancelled a planning committee meeting scheduled for next Thursday.

Town Hall figures and members of the planning committee had understood that the additional meeting had been arranged specifically to consider the much-revised scheme to be put forward by Australian mall developers Westfield and their partners, Hammerson, for the complete redevelopment of the town centre shopping area.

The Croydon Partnership, as the sometimes uneasy Westfield-Hammerson liaison is called, had last month expressed the hope that the revised scheme would be put before the local authority for approval “some time in the next month”.

It is five years since the scheme was first announced, put together by landowners The Whitgift Foundation with the help of the then Tory…

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Parish the Eagle is set to enter the Dragons’ Den

Inside Croydon

Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish has been recruited as one of the dragons for the next series of BBC’s business reality show, Dragons’ Den.

Tabling a move: Steve Parish

Parish and former banker Jenny Campbell will be the new faces for the show’s 15th series. They replace Nick Jenkins and Sarah Willingham.

Programmes featuring the Palace chief will first air later this year as he joins Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and Touker Suleyman.

Parish left school at 18 and worked in the computer graphics industry before going on to become the CEO of ad agency Tag Worldwide.

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Corbyn tells Croydon: We’re coming for you, Barwell

Inside Croydon

Hundreds of supporters and interested observers turned out in North End yesterday evening to hear Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader, speak at the start of the General Election campaign

STEVEN DOWNES reports as the General Election campaign starts on a high street in south London

It was just a couple of hours after the House of Commons vote which enabled the Tories to ignore their own Fixed Term Parliament Act and set things in motion towards the June 8 General Election when Jeremy Corbyn arrived outside the Alms Houses on North End in Croydon and was handed a microphone.

But before a word had been uttered by the Labour Party leader, his message was clear: we’re coming for you, Gavin Barwell.

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Labour worried by ‘Frankenstein monster’ boundary proposals

Ashburton will be no more 😢

Inside Croydon

There’s a growing agreement at Croydon Town Hall that Paul Scott could prove to be the architect of Labour’s demise at the next local elections.

The Woodside councillor, an architect by profession with a busy London practice, is one-quarter of the Gang of Four which controls the Labour council group.

He has created repeated controversies in his capacity as chair of the council’s planning committee. But it is in his backroom role overseeing the council submission to the Local Government Boundary Commission which has caused the Labour group most anxiety lately, especially after the Commissioners published their preliminary report, which included a re-drawing of boundaries almost identical to what the local Tories had suggested.

Some of the new ward boundaries put forward by the Commission have been described as “a Frankenstein’s monster” of a proposal.

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Liverpool ladies love their beer

Dea Latis

Annabel Smith, Graham Evans MP, Lisa Harlow

We hosted our first ever event in Liverpool, offering a six-course meal with matching beers to an audience of local women – and a handful of men including chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group, Graham Evans MP.

The tasting, held at the city’s Old Blind School, was led by award-winning Beer Sommelier Annabel Smith, who guided the audience through six different styles of beer, including brews from two local brewers Mad Hatter and Neptune Brewery. Each beer was accompanied by a complementary food, ranging from cheese and fish to cheesecake and chocolate.

Annabel said, “The response from our guests was overwhelmingly positive; non-beer drinkers had their preconceptions about beer overturned as they found at least one beer they enjoyed and will consider drinking in future. Women already drinking beer broadened their repertoire by trying new styles.

The beer and food matches served to…

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Croydon Tories are playing with Fairfield Halls’ future

Inside Croydon

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Although they already know the identity of the winning bidder to run the Fairfield Halls following a council-run competitive tendering process, Croydon Conservatives yesterday moved to call-in the decision to the scrutiny committee, potentially delaying the appointment.
TIMOTHY GODFREY, pictured right, is not impressed

The Tories really should be supporting the Fairfield Halls.

They should give up on their shoddy attempts to derail the appointment of a superb operator that they know fulfills all of their concerns about community involvement and access.

The Tories are playing with Fairfield’s very bright future, just for party political point-scoring.

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£180m Fairfield operator contract is called-in for scrutiny

Inside Croydon

Fifteen Conservative councillors signed official forms to call-in the decision to award the operator contract for the Fairfield Halls, a move which some fear might delay the appointment process, and others have described as petty political point-scoring.

The operator for the £180m Fairfield Halls contract was to be announced on Friday

The matter will be discussed at next Wednesday’s Scrutiny and Overview Committee meeting at the Town Hall, chaired by Labour’s Sean Fitzsimons.

The call-in notice was submitted on Saturday, in the middle of the Bank Holiday weekend.  The  Tories say that they are unhappy at the lack of information about the appointment process.

Helen Pollard, a Fairfield ward councillor, submitted the call-in form, which was also signed by Jason Cummings, Jeet Bains, James Thompson, Jan Buttinger, Dudley Mead, Donald Speakman, Chris Wright, Tim Pollard (the leader of the Conservative group on the council), Andy Stranack, Mario Creatura, Yvette Hopley…

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A Promise is a Promise

highland miscellany

Dad coming good with a promise…

In 2004 an eager but very flu affected 7 year old got himself out of a sickbed to drive with us all the way to York to see and ride behind the Flying Scotsman.  Imagine his dissapointment to find that she had failed and was in for maintenance. The Black 5 on the Scarbrough Spa Express really did not work as a substitute – by 7, he had already seen a fair number of Hikers by then!

So I promised that we would get to see her again soon and definitely have a ride behind her…… well it’s just neither I or the National Railway Museum thought “soon” meant 12+ years (and the small matter of £4.5m)!!!  But Dad has done his duty as you can see…… even if the thrill to a 20 year old had waned a bit in comparison with…

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