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Ground cover taking shape on Canute Road Quay, now that the wiring is complete

Looking good

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

I thought it was about time I posted an update on some progress on my new little timesaving / timewasting project Canute Road Quay. Since my last post here that spoke of the wiring commencing and the completion of the fiddle yard   and a slightly earlier one about the buildings and inset track starting to take shape progress has been ticking along.

The main wiring is completed on the underside. Black tape makes the approximate position of the track above. The main wiring is completed on the underside. Black tape makes the approximate position of the track above.


I am pleased to advise that all the main wiring has now been completed and fully tested with track feeds, points (Cobolt point motors), frog feeds and the Dingham electromagnets for uncoupling all working as they should.
I have added a couple of DROK voltage regulators, one for the Cobolt point motors to give a smooth 9V DC supply, as I have found that they work much…

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Ashburton tenants’ champion Michael Hewlett has died

He will be missed

Inside Croydon

Michael Hewlett, for three decades a campaigner for better conditions for tenants living in Longheath Gardens in Ashburton and across the whole borough, has died.

Michael Hewlett: worked hard for council tenants for more than 20 years Michael Hewlett: worked hard for council tenants

Hewlett was 81, and he died on February 10 following a short illness, with his family at his hospital bedside.

Hewlett became involved in tenant affairs in 1994 when he responded to a council call for people living in its properties to become more involved in the management of their homes and estates by registering their interest in joining their local customer panel. Hewlett was soon chairing his local panel, as it negotiated and lobbied councillors and council officials.

In a statement issued by Croydon Council, they said: “His desire to improve services for tenants across the borough saw him give up his spare time to work with a number of tenant groups including the main tenant and…

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Tonbridge MRC show 2017 #1


After a busy week, I decided a little model railway therapy was required, so I asked Derek whether he was going to the Tonbridge show.  He was, but was starting early to visit the Maidstone toy fair.  So 7am on Saturday morning, I was waiting to be collected.  In fact, I must have been very keen, as I misread my clock and got up at 5am by mistake.  Having got downstairs, I realised my mistake, and retreated back to bed for 90 minutes!

The toy fair had some interesting stalls, but nothing I wanted to buy.  Not even a second hand book or three – I was very disciplined for once!  And we were soon arriving at Tonbridge some 20 minutes after the show opened. to find a long queue trying to get in.  In fact, the queue seemed no shorter when we left.  They were obviously getting plenty of visitors…

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Have you given up on your resolutions yet?

Food for thought


Every year, the NMRA send me a magazine to tell me about voting and the like.  I don’t subscribe for the other 11 months, as the BRNMRA magazine ‘Roundhouse’ is far better (or perhaps it is just more British?)  However, there was a good editorial in it by Cinthia Priest, that is worth passing on.  Here are four (edited) hints to develop the self-discipline to get on with your modelling, and finish your current project:

So how do we increase our ‘self-discipline to say “no” to another locomotive purchase when we have hundreds of feet of main line to scenic?

First, learn from your mistakes (or in this case regrets.)  If you suffer from “buyer’s remorse,” examine what caused you to but that diesel locomotive for your steam-era layout.  “It was cool” is not (despite what my husband says) a good reason to acquire something you will probably never run.

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Q+A: 5551 The Unknown Warrior

Fascinating project

New Build Steam

David Bradshaw and Gavin Shell of the Patriot project kindly answered some questions about 5551 The Unknown Warrior.

CAD image highlighting the snifting valve. By Kevin West.

When did project start, and how? How did a new-build Patriot come to be the National Memorial Engine?
Back in 2007 when Tornado was nearing completion David Bradshaw, joint founder of the GW Society County Project was daring to dream about new possibilities in railway preservation. One of his biggest regrets was that a LMS Patriot class was never saved for the National Collection despite one being a memorial engine. Knowing what it takes to launch a project David along with editor Danny Hopkins and former editor Tony Streeter of Steam Railway magazine wrote an article asking if there was enough support to launch the project. At the time there was no other LMS new build on the cards with all the other…

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Lots to Like: The 7mm Narrow Gauge Association

A friendly bunch. Last Shepton ever this weekend enjoy Mr P

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

7mm Narrow Gauge Association Publications

There’s a lot to like about the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association.

They publish a bi-monthly magazine, Narrow Lines. There’s always a diverse range of interesting articles. The topics include layouts, prototype image galleries, modelling articles, ‘how to articles’, product reviews, book reviews and exhibition reports. The writing is great and the images of a high standard. This is topped off with a quality magazine finish. Great if you are thinking of modelling in 7mm scale (or you’ve already started!). Congrats to Peter Page the editor.

Two other things have really impressed me about the association: their publications and modelling goods sales.

The publications are super and over time I’ve accumulated quite a number (some of them are in the above image). They range from the inspirational (for example ‘The Right Track’), to the very practical (for example ‘Buildings Handbook’). One of my favourites is ‘Going Minimum Gauge’ which manages to be both inspirational…

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Eighties Body Snatcher Throwback

Albion Yard

Ok mullet wearers, here’s a poptastic 80’s child for you. It’s an Airfix 14xx body with a Perceverance chassis underneath. Made in the era of Kylie, wads of yuppie cash, XR3i’s and mobile Motorola phones the size of house bricks for the upwardly mobile, it’s one of my early chassis efforts and I’m still pretty pleased with it.

It was my first compensated chassis, in EM gauge and like the Craftsman 02 I’m currently working on, of it’s time. Power is provided by a Portescap motor and gearbox, driving Ultrascale wheels. The build was straightforward and simple, the design giving beam compensation onto the rear axle, pickup collection provided by phosphor bronze wire bearing on the rear of the drivers. It was a valuable learning experience, getting wheels quartered, the horn blocks aligned and working smoothly with the adjustments needed to find the perfect ‘sit’ of the chassis to make optimal use…

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