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The Modelling Bureau in Action

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

In May my daughter and I spent some time buying, repairing and repainting a writing bureau so that I could use it for modelling.

I’ve spent much of this year building baseboards, laying track and connecting electrics, jobs which are too big or too messy to do on this desk.

However, over the last month I’ve been creating the buildings for Thomas and Sons and the bureau has been ideal for this. It provides a great work surface on which to build and paint models plus there are lots of useful ‘cubbyholes’ to store tools, brushes, and all the odds and ends that I like to keep to hand. Best of all, I can leave what I am working on, close the lid of the bureau and the room stays tidy.

It’s been a pleasure to use the desk to get back to modelling and I’m looking forward to using…

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Croydon Bottleneck and Selhurst Triangle Remodelling

Part Time Spotter

Well this is one I really need to look in to as it will more than likely affect me and the family over the coming years.

Whilst I agree that it is a bottleneck I can’t see where the land that may be needed will come from. London Reconnections did an article showing the possible changes that could be made.

Whatever the decisions made it will inconvenience many people for a long time until complete.

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All Change at Rail Express Modeller

West Halton Sidings

An interesting development at Rail Express, Nigel Burkin appointed as the new editor of Rail Express Modeller.

Rail Express Modeller

Those of use who started modelling diesels in or before the mid-nineties will remember his two ‘Thoroughly Modern Models’ books and articles in early issues of BRM. He also edited the short lived Modern Railway Modelling from Warner’s – something which could have been something very special but faded away within just a few months.

Thoroughly Modern Models – Diesels in 4mm by Nigel Burkin, 1997

I just hope that REM doesn’t go the same way – REM has lost its way since the days of Phil Sutton and Gareth Bayer we feel.

If Nigel could recapture the spirit of the original ModelRAIL supplements then many would be overjoyed! Maybe the pioneering feel of ModelRAIL combined with the prototype information in the early editions of DEMU Update? Gareth being…

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More Bulleid Diesels on the way from Kernow Model Rail Centre

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

Following the total sell-out of the Bulleid diesels within two months of delivery, the Kernow Model Rail Centre have today announced that in response to customer demand a further batch of Bulleid diesels has been arranged.  You can read my review of the first batch here.
This batch will feature the same four models as the first batch with two additional versions added.  The first four will be certified limited editions of 150 pieces and will be supplied with numbered certificates of authenticity and an appropriate named train headboard.  The headboard will be supplied loose in the box for customer fitment.  The remaining two models will feature 10201 and 10202 in BR Green with Late Crest and a grey roof for the first time and are not limited editions.

A view of 10201.

The other side of 10201.

The models available to order are: –

  • K2701A – 10201 in BR Black…

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The Erratic and Wandering Journey

I have come to realise that S scale presents a difficult conundrum. It can be hard to make progress (even harder to initiate it) when so much personal commitment to the future has to be made. It’s a kind of inertia – once it gets going, I suspect it keeps going. But once one has tried S and found it to one’s liking, it is hard to “go back” to anything else. It’s obviously not for everyone – some like the detailing possibilities of larger scales, others the “train in the landscape” opportunities of N, still others the commercial availability of H0/00 and finer things in 4mm scale – but when it bites, it really does bite. I am talking here about genuine modellers who are interested in creating an authentic scene, not those who just want to play trains. The vision in S has to be long term, and…

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Quick SE Trip

Part Time Spotter

Morning all,

I had to go over to Thamesmead yesterday to see someone from work and was taken over by car (I know not the best way to travel). For the return I asked to be dropped at Bexleyheath so I could get a train back to Victoria rather than London Bridge. Of course as I entered the platform my train, the 14:42, disappeared out of the end of the platform. Typical! LOL

Now I was faced with a 29 minute wait at the station which, to be fair, suited me a lot.

First train arriving at the station was 2U42 Victoria to Gravesend in the form of 465034, 465003 followed by 376027, 3760025 on the 2C45 Barnehurst to Cannon Street. 2M41 Cannon Street to Slade Green was 465010, 465019. Not one ‘cop’ so far surely my puck would change? 2M42 Charing Cross to Dartford was another pair of…

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Workday Wednesday

The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews

Grabbed this photo from the train window the other day, a scene from the past not often seen on today’s railway:

The Horbury Junction signaller steps out into the bracing Yorkshire air (well I thought it was anyway, the short sleeves imply he thought otherwise!) to watch the progress of 2O77, the 15.04 Wakefield Kirkgate to Huddersfield, as it bounces over the pointwork outside the box and heads towards the remains of Healey Mills Yard.

Visually it’s just a shame the box has succumbed to modern double glazing being fitted, although this is no doubt appreciated by the staff!


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N&SNGM Running Day

Good day had by all by the sound of it

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

On Saturday the Norfolk and Suffolk Narrow Gauge Modellers held a ‘running day’, basically, they bring their layouts and run them. Good idea huh?

Held in the Barsham Village Hall, a converted Victorian school, it was open to the public to raise funds for new indoor toilets for the hall. There were 75 visitors and the event raised over £300. It provided a great venue and the N&SNGM organised nine layouts, a modelling demonstration, a sales stand from Great Eastern Models and excellent refreshments.

The layouts included Shipmeadow by Richard Doe. The real Shipmeadow workhouse sits on a hill only a few miles from the Barsham Village Hall and I drove past it on my way to the running day. It looks just like Richard’s model (or should that be the other way around?). Shipmeadow was being operated by Richard’s 5½ year old nephew who introduced some of his model…

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The ticking timebomb shipwreck that could damage half of London

😮fascinating but scary stuff

Stephen Liddell

Every now and then a newly made discovery of a long-lost shipwreck makes the news with everything from RMS Titanic to the lost ship of Captain Cook and everything in between.

There are a few shipwrecks however that are well known, even visible to us today.  Out of them all, there can’t be any more dangerous than the S.S. Richard Montgomery which since WW2 has lain, partially above water on the mouth of the River Thames.

The S.S. Richard Montgomery was a Liberty ship, from the United States bringing over 9,000 high explosive munitions and one of many reason why one has to be careful when looking for ‘treasures’ on the banks of the Thames as I did in my recent post.

Known semi-affectionately to locals as the “Monty”, the 441ft-long (134m) vessel was a US Liberty ship, a type of cargo ship used during World War II. It…

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The wishlist poll is back for 2018 and opens today, vote now, vote Southern…

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

The annual Wishlist Poll is back for 2018 following a break in 2017 and has started today. The purpose of The Poll is to provide an easy way for modellers and collectors to tell the major manufacturers and commissioners of ready-to-run railway models what they would like to see made from new tooling (excluding models announced, tooled or made since 2000). It should be noted that the poll is only being tun for 00 gauge models this year.

There are plenty of Southern Railway / Southern Region related items to vote for, hint hint. A lot has happened since the 2016 poll results were published. The breakdown of items announced so far including those SR related, and sometimes even delivered by now, is as below:

  • 10 From the Top 50 (inc. the Lord Nelson, Terrier, P Class & Maunsell RF)
  • 17 From the High Polling segment (inc. 10¼” vent Bulleid coaches)

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