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Player, or Builder?

Albion Yard

There’s a question….

I took Shelfie to the Warminster show last weekend, a round trip of 430 miles just to show the layout for one day. I don’t often do one day events, but occasionally there’s a show where I will do a one day trip. So that must make me a ‘player’. The one day shows I do attend however are pretty focussed on people whom are known as ‘builders’, i.e. they make stuff and layouts. The one day shows like that that I’ve attended are Larkrail, Warminster, and earlier this year the first Define day, the reason to attend those shows is twofold, to show the layout, be it Shelfie/Albion Yard or Bawdsey and to see what other ‘builders’ are up to.
On the blogroll there’s two recent additions:
Chris Mears’
Rick DeCandido

Today was one of those days where I was at a crossroads of builder/player…

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#SouthernFail: New MP Jones questions on the Gibb Report

Inside Croydon

Sarah Jones has gone in to bat for Croydon commuters within a day of the Queen’s Speech

Sarah Jones, the new MP for Croydon Central, has wasted no time in trying to hold the Government to account over its mismanagement of the Southern Rail crisis, as yesterday she tabled five written questions on the subject to Chris Grayling, the somnambulist Tory transport minster.

The best that Tory Chris Philp, an MP since 2015, could offer was some puerile virtue-signalling by tweeting that he was “back on the case of Southern Rail” – suggesting that he had not been “on the case” for his constituent commuters for the past six months.

Because that’s how long it has been since rail expert Chris Gibb submitted his report to the Department for Transport. And that’s how long Grayling and his Whitehall mandarins who effectively control the Southern network have sat on the report…

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Commuters to get their day in court over #SouthernFail

Inside Croydon

Transport correspondent JEREMY CLACKSON on the latest twist in the legal battle between the public and the Government

The commuter campaign group ABC – the Association of British Commuters – is to get its day in court at the Royal Courts of Justice against DaFT, the Department for Transport, next week over the shambles that has been the mismanagement of the Southern rail network.

ABC has been seeking a Judicial Review, but their application was dismissed without a hearing, in a letter from a single judge. ABC insisted upon a public permission hearing with a panel of judges, and this has been granted by the court and set for June 29. The hearing will determine whether ABC is allowed to bring its case against DfT over its handling of commuter services through Coulsdon, Purley and East Croydon to Victoria and London Bridge to a Judicial Review.

Summer Dean, one of…

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Tower residents have three-month wait for sprinkler action

Inside Croydon

Croydon Council last night announced that it is to fit sprinklers in all of its residential tower blocks which are 10 or more storeys tall, in a scheme expected to cost £10million.

One of the council-owned residential towers

It makes Croydon the first local authority in the country to respond to the dreadful fire last week at Grenfell Tower in north Kensington.

The move, announced by the Labour-run council’s deputy leader Alison Butler, was immediately praised by John Healy MP, Labour’s shadow spokesman on housing at Westminster, and was publicly supported by the opposition Conservative group at Croydon Town Hall, in a rare outbreak of commonsense in the interests of the borough’s residents.

But the hundreds of residents living in 25 tall blocks in Croydon will have to wait for three months before the slowly grinding wheels of formal council process will give a green-light for the essential safety work…

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North Norfolk Railway Spring Steam Gala 2017

Loco Yard

On the 22nd April, I visited the North Norfolk Railway for the Spring Steam Gala. An intensive service was in operation, and saw six steam locomotives operating. Visiting locomotives were LMS Stanier 8F, No. 48624, 2-8-0 from the Great Central Railway, and 56xx GWR 0-6-2T, 5643, visiting from the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway, and owned by the Furness Railway Trust.

DSC01947Also in attendance was the home fleet, consisting of LNER B12 Class, 8572, 4-6-0, GER Y14 Class, 564, 0-6-0, BR Standard 4MT, 76084, 2-6-0 ‘Standard 4’ and Ring Haw, 1982, 0-6-0ST.DSC01946It was also the first event since the completion of the Suburban four, a project to restore four suburban coaches to as built condition, to compliment the Quad-Arts coaches owned by the M&GN Society. Unfortunately, the Quad Arts Set was not in operation, but the restored Surburban coaches were a star of the event. The 6 year project finally came…

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Scalefour Society AGM, Watford 18th June 2017

D827 Model Railways

The Scalefour Society AGM moves around the country each year, with the North London Group hosting it this year with a small show.

DEMU were invited to the show and so Natalie and myself set off to set up the stand on what proved to be a very hot day.

The show was fairly quiet as these sorts of things invariably are. But the layouts on show were good and worth seeign (especially Bodmin).

I mainly spent the morning until the AGM itself in the afternoon converting a couple of diesels (Heljen 33/2 and 47/7) to P4 using Branchlines wheels (one axle Gibson on the 47 as I’d run out of Branchlines wheels). The conversions proved successful, though the centre axle on the 47 proved to be somewhat too loose for my liking (the same afflicts the Falcon Natalie owns) so I think a Penbits sprung chassis conversion kit for…

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Cream Tea anyone?

Good luck Andy

Ouse Valley Modeller

In just under 2 weeks Herstmonceux will be heading down to Devon for the Exe Model Railway Society show. Although I have been focused on getting Tarring Neville finished I have also been working on a few new things for Herstmonceux which will hopefully ready for the show.IMG_4064

For a while now my Birdcage set has been 2/3s finished and when run at a couple of shows its pinched the composite coach from the SECR Pull-Push set. I finally got the sets composite built and its currently waiting on some transfers and then the whole set needs weathering.
Something else that has been on the “to do” list is another Pull-Push set. Last year I received a new Cuckoo line book and I mentioned that one picture was very interesting. This picture showed a ex-LBSCR Pull-Push set and a D3 tank at Hailsham. The D3 turned out to be the…

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Wimblehurst Road – progress (with a small p!)

To hot outside to hot in but slightly cooler so time for modelling.

As promised progress on the Pickering 

Think I have worked out how to motorise it.


Body complete all bar addition of Westinghouse pump – 3smr one I brought was too big for a wee tankie. Still not cracked the chassis though but think I might have found a way.

Signal + box

Added the Dapol signal which that nice Mr Stephens purchased off the Great Western as they had a couple going spare! The box in the background was built for me by Andrew Barnes (thank you Andrew) and a very nice model it is too.

Wits in a name?

How does the West Sussex Light Railway grab you Mr P.

That’s all for now, till next time happy modelling.

Great Central Weekend

Albion Yard

Busy weekend due at the Great Central Railway at Quorn. Exhibition looks good and some interesting trade exhibits. This is the EP for Dapols LSWR B4

At first glance it appears popular with the punters and captures the overall look of the prototype.

The GWR EP’s have had work, no longer having the tail lamp moulded on the body.

The 7mm 3F ‘jinty’ is looking excellent too, the inside motion being visible and well depicted. An early prototype chassis for the pannier was on show, running with working, visible inside valve gear. There’s a video on the Albion Yard Facebook page.

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Council spent £2m per block on fire safety measures in 2012

Inside Croydon

One of the council-owned residential towers, using a different cladding to that used at Grenfell

In the absence of any definitive statements from Croydon Council’s leadership to reassure residents regarding building materials and techniques used on the borough’s residential towers following this week’s horrifying fire at Grenfell Tower in Kensington, a senior official with direct experience of the cladding work has come forward and provided more detail.

Reports today suggest that the cladding used at Grenfell Tower, in work completed last year, has been banned in the United States as unsafe. The cladding panels used on that block were each £2 cheaper than other panels with fire-retardant properties. By using the cheaper panels the block’s management company saved around £5,000.

There are fears that the death toll in Grenfell Tower could be more than 50 people.

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