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Another I did not know that was this weekend

Browsing Railway Modeller and the exhibition calendar , found that Bridport MRC were holding their annual one exhibtion today.

So in my little car I went to Bridport, not a bad run from Weymouth despite the traffic though it did take me at least 20 minutes to park such is the popularity of Bridport on a Saturday with its market.

Bridport exhibition is a small affair the main attraction being Beaminster, a recent feature in this months RM

Another layout which caught my eye was Springfield from members of Weymouth MRC, a GWR branch in O. Sadly no 3mm 😞

After the exhibition had a wander round the market at Bridport with its many antiques stalls and book shops. It has a lovely church

And a cat with attitude so I’m told

And an old Tannery now converted into flats

Most enjoyable.

Black Beauty – Welcome Back 76017

Very beautiful

Loco Yard

Ropley Watercress Line July 28th 2016 (01) BR Standard 4MT 2-6-0 76017BR Standard class 4MT 2-6-0 76017’s long anticipated return to working order is nearly open us. The locomotive will become the Watercress Line’s newest addition to its operating fleet. It has been painted immaculately and really looks the part! In contrast to its last period of operation, it will be running with an early British Railways crest.

76017 was used locally whilst in service with British Railways and so is a fitting machine for the Mid Hants Railway. Built in 1953, it almost looked as if it would barely last more than a year when it derailed in 1954 . Fortunately there were no casualties and as you can see it lived to tell the tale.

It is expected to return to traffic very soon, so it’ll be worth paying the railway a visit in August! I’ll leave you with some pictures of this black beauty.

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British women walking taller

Tall story!


figure_measure_1600_wht_5484Scientists have found that British women have grown taller faster than most of the rest of the world.

British women now average 5′ 5″ (164.4 cm) compared to 5′ (153.4 cm) at the start of the century.

This pushes them up the world league table of the tallest from 57th place in 1914 to 38th place today.

British men have grown to 5′ 10″ (178 cm), up 10.6 cm, and have moved up from 36th to 31st place.

Who are the tallest?

Latvian women are the tallest and  average 5′ 7″ (170 cm)

Dutch men are the tallest at 6′ (183 cm)

Who are the shortest?

Men from East Timor and the Yemen at 5′ 3″ (160 cm), Laos (161 cm), Madagascar and Malawi (both 5′ 4″ or 162 cm).

Women from Guatemala at 4′ 11″ (149 cm), the Philippines  (150 cm), and Bangladesh, Nepal and East Timor (all 151…

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A New Ending (and Beginning) for Portchullin

highland miscellany

Don’t worry, it is not as dramatic as all that, I have not burnt it or anything……………………oh hang on a minute, I have – well a bit of it anyway!

One of Portchullin’s quaint little foibles was it did occassionally like to derail trains as they left the fiddleyards; especially the fiddle yard representing Kyle.  There were various reasons for this; including some proper cr*p woodwork on my part, the hand shunting that occurred every time a train was turned around, the effects on thermal expansion that was not catered for and, something that I had not seen until recently, a bit of a dogleg at the baseboard joint.  Add to this the rather Heath Robinson approach to the legs for the fiddle yard boards, electrical connections and facia support and it was fundementally a b*ggers muddle.  So something had to be done and, a mere 8 years after the…

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Plodding councillor behind police cuts wants Pokémon patrols

More Pokemon Go madness

Inside Croydon

Steve O’Connell, the Tory London Assembly Member from Croydon who has stood by while there has been a cut of 20 per cent in the number of uniformed policemen on the streets of London, now wants what is left of the Metropolitan Police to devote time to hanging around locations highlighted by Pokémon Go in the hope that they might deter the odd smart phone theft.

PikachuMaybe it is just the Silly Season, those summer weeks when any load of old cobblers manages to be given column inches. Or maybe O’Connell – once described by the Daily Mail as the country’s most over-paid local councillor – reckons he needs to raise his public profile from its usual subterranean level; so for an easy headline he has invoked the latest craze.

O’Connell, the chair of the London Assembly’s police and crime committee, no less, even managed to call those officers who…

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SMRS Exhibition 2017 Poster

Pokemon Go v Modelling

Saw this on Facebook and thought I would share it on here

Rather apt don’t you think?

Pokemon Go Deaths

Oh dear

tonysbologna : Serving you the Internet's Best Bologna

Gotta catch them all..or die trying.. Below are the top 3 unapologetic deaths that have not happened while playing Pokemon Go… yet.

Fast Food Worker Flash Fried To Death

Greenwood, Indiana

One hot & humid July afternoon, Billy Maple was doing what Billy Maple does best – manning the fry station at the local McDonald’s making load after load of golden fried, goodness. One lunch break, things took a turn for the worst…

Coworker Helga Hucklebee had finally gotten her hands on an IPhone and heard a rumor that Pokemon was back and better than ever. With promises of fame & fortune that surely await the first soul to catch 150 of those littlefuckers, Helga decided to get a head start on her Pokemon career, she decided to double dip on the clock; she decided to play at work.


At 3:17 PM a wild Snorlax appeared in…

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Loco Yard

USA Tank 30064 and Q1 class resize

Specially for our (almost) wordless Wednesday we have a picture of an unusual double header!  USA dock tank 30064 pilots a Bulleid Q1 class Austerity locomotive.  The “yankee tank” is preserved on the Bluebell Railway, but has been out of service for some time.  The plan is to give 30064 a cosmetic restoration and use it on a rolling road demonstration in the railway’s Accessible Steam Heritage (ASH) Appeal.  Details of this and information of how to donate can be found in the below link:

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Reorganisation of works.

Good work

Max Stafford's Kennel


Over the last week or so I’ve been busy WITH rather than in the shed.

It was in urgent need of new roof felt, having been put up in 2008 and not having had any attention since and in any case, the interior was so cluttered and untidy that it had ceased to be a good place to work.

Therefore, having two weeks off has allowed me to repair the roof and completely reorganise the inside. It’s certainly made a difference to the working environment and it’s once again an enjoyable place to be.

My companion is very enthusiastic about her own specific facilities upgrade!


The outside still needs a fresh coat of paint too but that’s a task for the weekend, all being well.

Meantime, there’s work to be done inside and the improved environment has definitely had an effect on productivity. It’s so much nicer to work in…

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