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Body works


Further lowering of the W&L covered van into Ffestiniog 59 van continues. It is fortunate that there are plenty of photos on the internet to refer to for details – although I spent a lot of time around the van I never took note of its details and never looked to compare it to original format as I am now doing.

After that photo was taken I shortened the final side and so it’s now time to cut the doors out (leaving the frames). The following challenge is to make the louvred doors. There are various white metal ones available on the web but I need them to be light because this wagon will be heavy when it’s finished – more of that later.

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Wordless Wednesday.. The Future?!

Got a kit for one for Wimblehurst Road one day

Ouse Valley Modeller


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Quiz Night Monks Hill

ESNG exhibition 2018 #4


We’ll start today with a few shots of people.  It was good to see Kerry and Invicta there, and they seem to be selling a few things.

John and NScaleCH didn’t do as well….

BH Enterprises must have had a fantastic day.  Not only is Bob awake, but Ray is smiling….  I’ve really valued our ‘regulars’ for traders over the years, and made some good friends in the process.

The main N-mod team, Ian, Michael, Simon and Dave were helped by others through the day.  They not only kept a constant flow of trains running, but also swapped stock around to give plenty of variety – even down to some little Japanese trams.  In the foreground is Derek’s upgraded ‘Goonhilly’ module.  The radar domes used to be a couple of jelly baby container tops salvaged from Stuttgart, but they also attracted a few ribald comments….

And of course the catering…

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Wimblehurst Road update

Pevensey Show in July so starting to work on the layout now it’s warmer.

Relaid the track in the station area and replace the knackered point. Just got to rewire and ballast.

Primed the rear fascia and ends today, ready for an application of Rustin’s Black to match the rest.

As the sun is out have been spraying some stock. The push pull coach and the Southern PMV.

Wagon works

Nice work


The Wonderful Wagon kit is finished (except couplings- what a surprise!)

It looks good and is a great kit for its age.

I loaded it with some ballast from the Patriarch’s archive box which being 4mm is a bit big and so I’ll use for wagon loads rather than track ballast. It’s stuck in using the usual pva and water mix.

I consulted some books to get photos of loaded wagons to ensure it looked right. I like the result.

Next in the wagon works is something of the NG variety that I’d like to get done for June.

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Planning approval granted for £100m Selhurst Park scheme


Inside Croydon

KEN LEE, our Town Hall reporter, on a planning committee outcome which was never in any doubt

How the new stand at Selhurst Park will look

This was one fixture in the 2017-2018 season which Crystal Palace Football Club were never going to lose.

Croydon Council’s planning committee last night voted unanimously in favour of Palace’s £100million proposal to expand their home ground at Selhurst Park. The matter was such a foregone conclusion that Steve Parish, the club chairman, didn’t even bother to hang around in the Town Hall to witness the vote.

Parish had given what has been described as an “emotional” presentation to the committee. “This is a lot more than just a planning application to me,” Parish said. To be fair, though, no one thought the businessman, who is reckoned to be worth £45million, was at the Town Hall to get a new conservatory built.

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ESNG exhibition 2018 #3


On the Wednesday night after the show, we thought that there might be a low turn out of members.  Correct, just the six of us.  However, we had thought ahead and asked Paul to bring some Kato track along.  We set up a four track loop on the hall tables and had a pleasant evening chatting and running a few trains.  Certainly a useful idea for future meetings, too.

So back to the show….

As usual, ESNG had a modular layout in the centre of the main hall.  It was a large four track N-mod circuit this year, with no N-club double track modules on show.  We changed things around with Dave’s new canal basin module, and brought Raysden back after a couple of years off.

ERIC the Roundhouse was, of course, there and Neil filled it with his Southern Railway locomotives – and a 2BEL in a siding.  I…

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A new coal lorry Pt. 2

Ouse Valley Modeller

So last month I made a start on hacking about a Classix Austin K2 lorry to make Herstmonceux a new coal lorry. Having finished cutting it about I set about adding some new parts. I filled the holes in the roof and added some mirrors made from wire and microstrip.

A new headboard for the front of the bed was need and this was knocked up from plasticard and microstrip. There seems to be a lot of different styles and I opted for a taller one, using photos for reference.

With that done it was given a coat of primer and then some paint. Coal sacks were added, the cab glazed and then put back together. I still need to add a reg number and lightly weather the body but i’m rather pleased how it turned out.

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It’s a wonderful world


In having my clear out the other day I found the Peco Wonderful wagon kit I bought last year.

For an old kit it is a clever idea and well designed although I feel it probably will be best if the wagon is loaded as I don’t think the floor will get truly flat.

I hadn’t realised the suspension is achieved through the plastic being flexible rather than use of springs. Time will tell how long it lasts.

Having built the chassis onto the body the body covering needs fixing to the bodyshell.

The covering is embossed card complete with detail and is pretty convincing for a small wagon such as this.

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