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Terrier to shed

Shortie of Terrier going on shed at Haven Street and then stills of it being cleaned

Ivatt @ Smallbrook 

Ivatt tank running round at Smallbrook Jct

And photo of Smallbrook Jct station building

Terrier arrival

Returning to Haven Street had to wait for the Terrier to arrive before departure behind the Ivatt to return to Smallbrook Jct.

Ivatt at Wootton

The Ivatt tank c/w Westinghouse pump running round at Wootton 

Terrier departure

Short video of the Terrier departing from Haven Street

One of those weeks

Good tips for figure painting

Railway Misadventures

It has been one of those weeks where nothing works out. The original plan to make the point control began well enough with the wires all in place, but was scuppered when the drill bit I intended to use turned out to be about as sharp as a badgers bottom.Not wanting to give up I ordered three replacement 0.5mm drill bits.

The first snapped the first time I used it. I took it out of the drill I was using and squeezed the replacement into my hand-powered mini drill. This was made back in the 1960’s when men were men and apparently could force a drill to work by hand without any of that namby-pamby padding on modern drills, but eventually I made it through the switches, without snapping a second bit, and went on to drill holes in the Preiser figures I bought ages ago.

And snapped the second…

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Map Of Every UK Rail Line

Calling All Stations

This one did the rounds a few months ago but it truly is brilliant. This map features lines past and present, right down to depots, sidings, docks and even mines!

Disclaimer: Don’t click this if you’re trying to do some work. This is a serious procrastination device!

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Mr Punch at Swanage once more

Luv Punch & Judy

Locksands Life

On a recent visit to Swanage I took a six year old grandson. I had an excuse to visit and watch the Punch and Judy show.

The show, I feel, has been modernised a bit. Some little bits were quite clearly aimed at the adults. There were some political side swipes (and being Punch and Judy of course the swipes were real ones by Mr Punch and his stick) and also some innuendos which one has to hope were way beyond the little ones but which gained guffaws from the adults.

This year the Punch and Judy man is Professor J Burns. His site is where Punch and Judy shows have always been in Swanage – and they’ve had them for more than 100 years.

The plot was much as usual. Mr Punch was thoroughly bad to baby and was ticked off by a policeman who got sideswiped out of…

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Girls more depressed & you can blame social media



stick_figure_liking_it_500_wht_9170On the face of it today’s young people have never had it so good. Teenage pregnancies are down, fewer of them smoke and they drink less than previous generations.

So what have they got to be depressed about?

Well they spend an awful lot of time on social media, posting selfies, seeking approval from others. “Like me, like me” they seem to beg.

It’s a recipe for disaster and means they are continually comparing themselves with others. And it’s all artificial.

They spend hours making themselves up for selfies. I’ve taken loads of photographs at parties and invariably the women want to check the photos to make sure they’re OK.

Whether its posting selfies or posting posed photos on Facebook using cats, cuddly toys and even their babies as accessories, it’s all about wanting approval. Over half of teenagers are said to spend more than three hours…

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Three-year residency rule on council homes could cost millions

Inside Croydon

Tony “Soprano” Newman’s cunning plan for winning the 2018 local elections is to out-UKIP UKIP, with a housing policy that will restrict those qualifying for council homes to those who have lived in Croydon for at least three years.

"Are you local?": None of those reported to be on the Tories' Croydon South short-list have any strong links with the borough “Are you local?”: Only those who have lived in Croydon for three years will be eligible for council housing under new plans from Labour

Newman, the Labour leader of the council, wants to introduce a “Are you local” test straight from The League of Gentlemen for anyone applying for social housing in the borough.

In future, those seeking a council home will be required to have lived in Croydon for at least three years.

Politically, it is a populist stunt which may play well with some of the electorate. Even the new Tory Housing Minister, Gavin Barwell, might like it. But housing professionals believe that the measure is clumsy, ill-considered and…

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