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Bullied for a fiver

At Weymouth the weekend picked up this model of a Bullied Pacific for a £5. Unfortunately no makers name, but looks near enough to 3mm scale/1:100 – what do you think?


A six-point plan to enhance our precious, under-threat parks

A worthy cause

Inside Croydon

Lloyd Park caters for the full range of activities and interests in an open space

Conservationist PETER UNDERWOOD says that we need to support a Parks Charter to help guarantee the future of local open spaces

I love spending time in nature, and we are blessed with a large number and variety of parks and green spaces in Croydon. We all know that our local parks and green spaces are a vital part of our local area. They provide opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and they bring people together. Whether you are out for a run, walking the dog or just enjoying being out in nature, they are important in making us all feel happier and healthier.

But unfortunately we are also getting used to hearing complaints about how poorly managed our parks and green spaces are.

In Croydon, the council spent thousands of pounds to commission masterplans for improving our…

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I met perhaps the most famous tree in the world at Sycamore Gap

Stephen Liddell

If you think of how many trees are famous; there are quite a few of them but compared to the countless billions of trees on the planet they are really few and far between.  Some famous trees are no longer here such as the cherry tree that Abraham Lincoln cut down or the famous Californian Redwood tree that you could pass through until a storm brought it down in 2017.

Robin Hood and the Major OakRobin Hood and the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest.

Some trees are famous for the longevity and many of these trees with longevity have historical tie-ins such as the Burning Bush which I once saw in Egypt, the Glastonbury Thorn tree or the Major Oak tree in Sherwood forest where Robin Hood is said to have hid and I’ve been fortunate to see them all.

36669885_1080700455416612_678732294512443392_nThe moors of England and Scotland are being plagued by wildfires.

Last week however I…

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Water Vole

Pete's Favourite Things

During my IT downtime recently Keith and I visited the London Wetland Centre and I was fortunate enough to get these shots of a Water Vole hiding in the undergrowth. The Water Vole is an elusive and secretive mammal and this is only the second one I have ever seen.

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Cut deep


The idea is to make the railcar look like something totally different from everything else running – the new dawn.

To do that I need to use the Burlingham Seagull buses I got.

They were dismantled in the usual way by drilling out the rivets and then emptying he insides. I may use some of the seats from the bus in the railcar – another part I’m undecided on.

The buses were then cut with a bandsaw across the middle. This isn’t the end of the cutting process but it is definitely the most dramatic!

Next stage – more cutting!!

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Free ticket offer for kids to Palace’s friendly v Toulouse

Inside Croydon

Youngsters are being given free tickets to Crystal Palace’s only pre-season match at Selhurst Park, against French Ligue 1 side, Toulouse.

Kids under-12 go free to Palace’s friendly on Aug 4

The offer is open to all children under 12 who are accompanied by an adult to the match on Saturday August 4 (kick off 4pm). They can also enjoy pre-match entertainment in the Fanzone, with a DJ, live entertainment, food and drink and competitions and prizes for juniors.

The match against Toulouse will be the only chance for fans to see the Eagles in action at Selhurst Park before the Premier League season kicks off the following weekend. Tickets are priced at £15 for season ticket-holders and paid members, and £20 to non-members.

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Brenda Kirby Cancer Charity fund-raising Fun Walk, Jul 29

The numbers all go to eleven…

Albion Yard

If like me going into the mancave has the potential for a bit of cheeky petrol sniffing, this’ll work for you…

919 record

Porsche’s record breaking Nurburgring lap with an hybrid 919, unleashed, with everything turned up to eleven, and Timo Bernhard making it go….

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An Idea for Another Layout (Uh, Oh!)

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

In the summer of 2016 I had an idea for a small industrial layout set in the yard of a fictional engineering works. Trains would deliver raw materials to the factory and take the finished products out of the yard.

However, I couldn’t settle on a good track plan and I couldn’t think of an easy and inexpensive way of making the factory buildings. The idea has been nagging at me ever since. You know, in the way that some ideas do…

Then two things came together. I found a track plan on the Carl Arendt website that I could easily modify to create what I wanted. Plus, I discovered LCUT who manufacture kits in laser cut wood and sell all the component pieces individually. It would be easy to build the type of factory I had in mind from these components.

I decided to investigate and brought a couple…

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First sod


So we’ve begun. The first part of the railcar was to remove some of the features that make it easier to make – I know how crazy am I!

The easiest method I’ve found of removing excess material without filing myself into boredom is to use an end mill in my pillar drill with the depth stop set so I can’t drill through the plastic. Not the highest quality engineering but very effective.

What this earlier picture also shows is that from the inside, the window apertures are actually quite small. That is no good for my idea so I opened them out again using the same technique.

They still need some tidying up and I am as yet undecided whether to get rid of all the pillars and make a whole new window ladder.

Next post will particularly not be the one for diecast model collectors – you have…

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