3mm Society, Railway

Pick ups, a cautionary tail!

Useful for when I build my 1F

3mm Society, Railway

Martins Road – update

I had a spare couple of hours yesterday afternoon so went about marking out the trackplan. 3 points, 1 yard of track later, I marked out a very rough plan on wallpaper. This gave me good idea of where the baseboard joint is and how much space I have. I deliberately used the 2 foamboard for the space as they are 2″ shorter giving me 48″ inches and a couple of inches narrower. The method of construction is to put the track on the foamboard and then glue the foamboard onto the ply. WIT point control will be used. The plan is to have the track and something running for August – we shall see.


My Day

Today I had a Colonoscopy. I spare you the grisly details, but suffice to say I have to wait for my results. I hope they will be ok.

Interesting to compare hospitals. The PRU where my aunt is is modern, the staff miserable on her ward. Mayday is run down in need of a good revamp and the the people of Croydon do not have a good  word to say about it. However I beg to differ. I have always had good treatment their and the staff are very caring. So thank you for today, hopefully I will not be seeing you for awhile – but who can tell?

Garden works, Life

Garden works

Being in the garden this morning planting the Clematis we brought a couple of weekends ago. It is looking rather sorry for itself so I do hope it picks Up.


Talking of clematis the one on the arch is going great guns although I do fear it might be choking the Honeysuckle.


Finally some fence art, one dragonfly


And then a butterfly


Come the weekend will try and tackle the jungle round the fishpond and see how many lions and tigers I can find or for that matter elephants in the long grass!