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Martins Road – slow progress

Today did the first run with a loco or 2 on Martins Road. Connected the controller – nothing out came the meter – silly fellow hadn’t connected one of the wires! That done – the tram ran up and down (I know it’s LNER, southern stock not built yet) onto the sector table switch to the loop, nothing. Again I got the meter out and found I had not wired the feed in so had to jerry rig something quickly. Once I did that the loop worked off the table. Well that’s half the layout test, now to finish off the other half – still cannot decide whether to fit point motors (I have 2 Seeps acquired 2nd hand) or do wire in tube?


After the test, I marked out the platform edge using my 14.2 converted Triang A1A as a guide too big for the layout but the bogies are a good judge for the gap needed. I also laid a tempoary piece of track to see if I can fit the goods shed road in.


Progress very slow but at least I can run a loco up and down!


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