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How Many Pringles Can You Fit In Crossrail?

Pringle time!

Calling All Stations

It’s nearly midnight on a Tuesday evening and after an unusual set of events I find myself calculating how many Pringles you could fit into Crossrail.


Let me fill you in on the background story…


Recently I’ve been working on a new micro-layout project. A proper blog about it will come soon, but all you need to worry about right now is the bridge/tunnel shown in the picture above.


I discovered that a cut up Pringles can provided the perfect tunnel wall shape for the bridge.

Nothing unusual yet, just a bit of creative problem solving from a modeller… But being the funny b*stard that I am, I posted the following tweet:

This proved to be very popular, and whilst I wouldn’t say it went ‘viral’ by any means…

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