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A rapid prototyped paradigm shift?

Prince Street

A “paradigm shift” was one of those catching business terms like “thinking outside the box” it seems like we couldn’t get away from at the office. I can only apologize for the term and then just leaving it there. Now, on with the idea.

At the recent RPM in Truro I presented a short talk on 3D printing. I discussed my relationship with 3D printing in general and handed around some examples of models I’ve created so far. Listening to myself talk a thought occurred to me with regard to 3D printing and the potential of rapid prototyping in general within the hobby. I’m still reflecting on it and thought I’d try and introduce it here. I regarded 3D printing as a means of extending my workbench. Indeed the first models I printed using Shapeways’ 3D printing service were clerestory roofs and they were perfect examples of this approach. Over…

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