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Girls’ desire to be perfect leads to eating disorders


stick_woman_gymnastics_1600_wht_12994So-called “Perfect Girl Syndrome” is leading to high-achieveing girls suffering eating disorders as they strive to be perfectly underweight (whatever that means) according toNHS  psychiatrists.

Over the last decade the number of 14-year olds with eating disorders admitted to hospital has more than quadrupled to 336 with a similar number of 15-year olds in 2014, three times the number in 20014.

The TimesTime to Mind” child mental health campaign is calling for greater investment in services which already have long waiting lists.

According to D Caz Nahman at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, “hard-working and persistent” girls were most at risk. “We believe the characteristics  that create a high-achieving pupil or athlete predispose to an eating disorder, and there is also something about a semi-starved brain that leads to high levels of focusing on details and increased perfectionism“.

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