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Tube Strike: The Other Side Of The Story

Calling All Stations

Friends and Readers,

It’s not often I get highly opinionated on this blog but I thought in this instance it was important. I often see a number of misunderstood (to use the term lightly) posts on social media from friends and colleagues criticising (again I use the term lightly) the Unions and workers choosing to strike this week. I therefore would like to share with you some comments of a real London Underground worker. I’m not asking you to suddenly support the strike, and I’m not asking you to completely agree. What I am asking is that you at least take the time to read the views of someone on the other side. Don’t swallow TfL’s spin and the media hype, take the time to form your own opinions by hearing the views of a worker the Night Tube will affect. So often I read comments of ‘

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