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Naturelog: 29th June

A place I would like to visit one day

Pete's Favourite Things

Cley Marshes Cley Marshes

Today we went to Cley Mashes NR on the north coast of Norfolk. This is perhaps the most famous nature reserves in Norfolk and argueably, along with Minsmere, in the whole of the UK. Apart from its impressive bird list, Cley was also the location of Nancy’s cafe, perhaps the most famous cafe in UK birdwatching. In the days before mobile phones, laptops and tablets, the only way birders could relay information to each other was by telephone and often this meant just phoning a few friends when they got home at the end of the day. And so a log book was left in Nancy’s cafe at Cley where birders could drop in and record their sightings. Eventually the cafe phone  was also pressed into service and birders would either phone in their sightings or ring up to find what had been seen by others. This continued…

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