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Long and winding road – the shed


In the mid-sixties, I was in need of the larger back bedroom in our 1930’s 3-bedroom semi, so my father invested in a SHED.  This 9′ x 8′ empire was carefully built by my father, saturated with wood preservative, insulated and lined.  The roofing felt had an added corrugated plastic layer.  This careful construction meant that the shed was still in good condition when my parents moved house over 15 years later.  Power was strung from the kitchen and garage, so one could flick a switch and pre-warm the shed with an electric convector.

Three generations of layout lived in the shed.  The first was another continuous layout, really just another ‘big station opposite small station’ design, much as we had indoors.  The next introduced a junction and a terminus in front of storage loops.  The third was the most satisfying and had most progress.  The continuous run was abandoned…

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