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Naturelog: 30th June

Pete's Favourite Things

The morning started well with a Banded Demoiselle and a gatekeeper butterfly in the garden of our cottage.

Banded Demoiselle (m) Banded Demoiselle (m)

Today our destination was the reserve at Hickling Broad. The broads are shallow bodies of water which were the result of flooding of roman sand extractions and medieval extracion of clay and peat. These shallow lakes were joined toether by a number of man-made canals to create a sysytem of waterways.



In the morning we walk around the reserve and had some good sightings of butterflies including Painted Lady.

Painted Lady Painted Lady

The speciality of the reserve is the Swallowtail butterfly and one is distantly seen in flight.

Swallowtail and Friend


Photo by Rodney Campbell (

The other highlight were the dragonflies with a number of species seen including the local speciality Norfolk Hawker.

Blue Tailed Damselfly (f) -red form Blue Tailed Damselfly (f) -red form

Black-tailed Skimmer Black-tailed Skimmer

In the afternoon we see the reserve fom a boat…

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