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Chassis for an E4

you may recall that sometime ago I mentioned that I was given a body/chassis for a 3mm scale London & Brighton E4. After a bit of head scratching I decided to dispense with the chassis and use the chassis from the scratch aid E4 from Worsley Works. I had to shorten the chassis a bit to fit the body and before folding drop the 1/8th bearings in (no reamer required thanks Allen) and solder. I used a Branchlines 39:1 SL gearbox which fitted between the frames. I have mounted the motor in the vertical due to the straight frames and not making a cut out, yes the motor will show in the cab but a good crew should hid that. Rods on after reaming , wheels quartered and gear slackened off and low and behold it works. Now the glue bit and tighten the fear wheel to see if my luck holds. Here are the pics.



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