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A 2-HAP at Gatwick

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Whilst rummaging in our loft recently I came across a few negatives which I had taken back in the early 1960s. This one shows a train with a 2-HAP unit leading. The location is Gatwick Airport station.


It isn’t the best photo ever and the negative is certainly dusty. But it takes me back those fifty years.

What was amazing was that these trains, which hark back to Victorian practices, were still being built new at this time. The HAP name to these 2 coach units referred to half of them (one coach) being equipped with a lavatory like the earlier 2 HAL units. But the P ion the end indicated that these had an updated pneumatic braking system. So yes, trains in the 1960s were still being built with compartments and an entire absence of loo facilities for 50% of the passengers (75% of those not travelling First Class).

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