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S.W. “Steve” Stevens-Stratton, RIP

One of my fellow 3mm modellers

Ian Jewell wrote:I have just learnt of the passing of another old stalwart of our part of the

world, S.W. “Steve” Stevens-Stratton, who died last Thursday. On the

editorial staff of Ian Allen’s he spent a long period as editor of the Model

Railway Constructor. A member and chairman at various times of both the

Wimbledon and Carshalton and Sutton Model Railway Clubs, Always good for a

yarn down the pub at the end of Club nights.

Another famed 3mm modeller Alan Smith writes

Mention of a “yarn down the pub” put me in mind of the first time I 

exhibited Lydney at the Manchester Christmas show in the early 60s; spending 

the evening in the Mitre adjacent to the Corn Exchange in the company of 

Steve Stratton and Roy Dock (of Model Railway News) who, throughout the 

session, continuously traded stories. The following morning I was much worse 

for wear but as “the show must go on” recovered sufficiently to operate 

the layout for the rest of the day……..R.I.P. Steve.

Alan Smith 

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