Exhibitions, are they worth it?


Julias Modelopolis  (Julia makes marvellous 2mm fine scale models, with some 3-D printing thrown in for good measure) recently commented on taking your layout to an exhibition.  The money comments were…..

Browsing the interweb forums I always stumble across people critising layouts that are out and about at shows. The trend these days seems to be that people are almost demanding that layouts run faultessly and have a contunuous flow of trains passing by throughout their time in front of the layout as it’s their right to see this because they have paid to see it.

To me as a layout owner who occasionally takes it to shows it scares me rotten. It applies even more pressure to a situation which is quite stressful anyway. The thought of someone publishing critisism online about my layout because I didn’t run trains constanly or a wagon derailed makes me think is it…

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