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Stopping Power

The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews

It’s always nice to be able to put your own mark on something, and say ‘I did that’ no matter whether it’s a simple repaint or something a bit more involved. It’s particularly rewarding when it saves you a few pounds!

A couple of years ago, I built an Airfix BR brake van kit, it appeared on here at some point. I built it as it came out of the box, and at the time I was satisfied with it. However, in the intervening 2 and a bit years, I have found out quite a few facts about the standard BR brake van, many of which have come from Ian Flemming. With each fact I found out I became increasingly uncomfortable with the van as it was….. It also didn’t stand up that well next to the Bachmann versions I also have. However, with Airfix vans now able to be…

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