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Crossing gates for Wimhurst Road

For awhile I have been pondering how to do the crossing gates for Wimhurst Road. Unlike the larger scales in 3mm you have to build such items yourself. Whilst at the Wells show I picked up nickel silver strip, brass L angle and bar with gates in mind with the help of Mike Davy who helped pick the sizes at Eileen’s stand. I had also picked up at the Bridport show a Hornby level crossing cheaply for sizing. This morning I plucked up the courage to have a go, so out with the soldering iron and double sided tape and this is the result

One pair of crossing gates, enjoyable if a bit fiddly at times. 

Have to add more detail to them, whether to use a triangle or roundel and add supports. I am using Poppy Woodtechs boarding for the Crossing so need to figure out the installation and how to operate them, might be das finger poking as on the dairy gates at Hemlock rather than electrics, watch this space.


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  1. Hemlock Crossing Gates can I think be operated from underneath
    Digital control as long as you can find the piece with your fingers

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