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Thought for the day: “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”


3mm Society, Railway

3mm WestFest 3

Continuing the London Transport theme we are doing the Lambeth Walk! You may recall esteemed reader that I featured this lovely tram layout in my blog on the Bridport MRC exhibition so here’s a reminder.

 And the man himself

Brian did a grand job in organising this years WestFest so well done.

Next to Brian’s layout was North Ealing by Nigel Cullimore just to show that we 3mm modellers do diesels!

 Next we have Teignford by Steve Fackerell. Steve is a prolific 3mm modeller and his layouts have featured recently in the model press.

 Recognise the station building? Heljan HO more 3mm

The signal – Dapol N Gauge. 


 So from Teignford we go to last but not least – West Street by Geoff Gay – another 50:1 challenge layout and very nice it is too






 So there you go that was WestFest 2015 showcasing 3mm in all its glory. 

3mm Society, Railway

WestFest 2

now where was , ah yes I was telling you about the selection of 3mm layouts at WestFest. Next is Dunkton Combe built by Bob Brown now owned by Richard Pope a fictional GW branchline nr Limpley Stoke, a lovely layout it is too

 Well you have heard of the book so this is the layout – well not exactly. Meet 50 x 50 Shades of Grey built for the 3mm Society 50:1 challenge by Nick Salzman. Photos do not do it justice but understand it will be at the St Albans exhibition in January. Go and see it if you get the chance.

 Heybridge Wharf is another 50:1 layout and I make no excuses for featuring it again on the blog. Built by Mike Corp situated somewhere in Suffolk a must see for all fans Great Eastern (including yours truly)

Well that’s the second bite size for WestFest. Part 3 next.

3mm Society, Railway

3mm WestFest 1

Popped along to WestFest today down a Ilton, Somerset where there was a plethora of 3mm layouts on display from Members  all over the South West. Organised by Brian Golding of Lambeth Walk fame the exhibition featured 9 layouts. 

First we have Addison Park by Phil Hutchings which features London Underground stock rarely modelled in the bigger scales even less so in 3mm

 Next we have Ashbrooke by John Thomas depicting a Midland and South West Junction station in the Cotswolds 

Johns buildings are modelled from old media called card – remember that, are based on actual buildings. Tracks irk is handbuilt before Peco produced theirs although in  some places Wrenn fibre tracked is used.

More features layouts in Part 2.

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