Cameron’s kicked Croydon’s homeless in the teeth, says Butler

What hope for our children of finding somewhere to live in Croydon let alone the homeless

Inside Croydon

David Cameron’s announcement this week that developers will no longer have to provide “affordable” homes (in the sense that the homes are marginally less overpriced than what the speculators might wish) is “another nail in the coffin for social housing”, according to one of Croydon’s most senior councillors.

Alison Butler: has backing of local Labour group as well as unionsAlison Butler: Cameron’s housing plans are unaffordable

“We have a lengthy housing waiting list, and this proposal is a stunning kick in the teeth for those in housing need,” Alison Butler, Croydon’s Labour-run council’s deputy leader, who is in charge of the borough’s housing.

Responding to the Prime Minister’s announcement at this week’s Tory Party Conference, Butler said: “Under Cameron’s plans, our affordable housing offer in Croydon would be homes costing £450,000, which is well beyond the means of most of our residents and only affordable to the well-off.”

Butler says that the average salary in Croydon is £27,000 per year. She…

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