Severn Valley trip

Being up in Kidderminster the weekend before going home a trip on the Severn Valley is a must do.

So Kidderminster for the 1030 departure was the order of the day as I only had time to go to Arley and back owing to train back to London at 1245pm from Kidderminster.

The station was very busy and I think half the 3mm Society had also decided to turn up (I exaggerate).

First off we saw one of the many Gronks on the railway  

 I had forgotten that the Severn Valley has an extensive diesel collection indeed they are building a diesel depot to accommodate them.

So off to Arley and half an hour later arrival well nearly as the station has a short platform and guess who was in the wrong coach!

So after extracting myself from the coach I had arrived. Arley is a pretty station and has a variety of enamel signs

 The station building is rather quaint

The signal box was switched as the signals for the platform in both directions were both off

There was also a decorative floral display on the opposite platform

Having not checked the loco roster before setting out, I did not realise that Tornado was running so guess what loco turned up for my return to Kidderminster?

So off to Kidderminster. On the way a stop at Bewdley is mandatory and has plenty to interest any GWR fan

 For the wagon fan there is also an interesting collection of wagons I daresay for their freight demos.

 Kidderminster was reached in no time at all and whilst the majority of photographers turned their attention to Tornado there were other locos about such as the 45xx

 Getting to Tornado was a mission in its self

 But once their I got some smoke box shots

 All too soon it was time to catch my train to Brum!

A good morning spent.

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