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Tory benefit cuts about to make Croydon £27m poorer

It can only get worse

Inside Croydon

WALTER CRONXITE tots up the financial impact of benefit cuts on Croydon – which were loyally voted through by the borough’s two Tory MPs

benefits officeGovernment cuts to benefits could affect 35,000 Croydon residents and will take more than £27 million a year out of the borough’s economy by the time of the next local elections.

Detailed research conducted by Croydon Council, published ahead of next week’s cabinet meeting, shows that 1 in 10 of all the borough’s adults will be victims of so-called  “welfare reform”, piled on top of the Bedroom Tax and abolition of Council Tax benefit measures introduced since 2013.

Both of Croydon’s Conservative MPs – Gavin Barwell and Chris Philp, recent recipients of a 10 per cent wage increase – voted in favour of this latest grab of money from the hands of those in greatest need.

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