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Living too long and retiring too soon?

Mid 50’s and working for awhile me thinks


elderly_man_holding_a_custom_text_sign_12871Sounds good to me. But then I thought I’d retire at about 55 and buy a cheap property in Portugal. Didn’t work out for me then and I suspect it doesn’t work out for lots of people despite what Baroness Altmann the pensions minister might believe.

She’s worried that too many baby boomers are retiring too early and depriving the economy of their input.

She wants to encourage more people to stay on in work and “not write themselves off”. 

I’m not sure that all of them are doing that. If you’ve been made redundant in your 50s it’s tough to get a job but those who’ve retired from choice are probably looking after the grandchildren thus allowing their kids to work and contribute to the economy (at no cost to the government for childminding) or even looking after their aged parents.

And many people who’ve retired are involved…

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