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R3325 Hornby J50 Review

Review of Hornbys J50

Albion Yard

R3325 Hornby J50 (R3324 R3326) R3325 Hornby J50
(R3324 R3326)

Announced in December 2014 and delivered December 2015, the OO gauge, 4mm scale, J50 from Hornby has arrived. The example reviewed here is the early BR Crest J50/4 catalogue number R3325. Packaged in the typical outer sleeve and cardboard inner box, the model arrived with no damage. The locomotive sits in a vacuum moulded plastic tray with outer sleeve, also included is the detailing pack and NEM pockets and tension lock couplings, The detail kit comprises brake pull rods, which when fitted don’t foul the carrying tray!, and vacuum/steam heating pipes correct for the J50/4. It will be down to the purchaser to fit the couplings and NEM sockets, unusual, for a small tank engine. How the section of the modelling community that seems to require models to be designed for those who wear boxing gloves react, remains to be seen.

R3325 Hornby J50 (R3324 R3326) R3325 Hornby J50

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