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December progress

Kyle of Sutherland

If 2015 was the Year of the Tree, then 2016 is the Year of the Train.

Kyle of Sutherland began 2015 as a typical work-in-progress, but metamorphosed into a fully-fledged scenic model with over 50 trees by the time it went to Scotland in September. But this was at the expense of stock building.

In the last three months of 2015 I switched to rolling stock: the HR TPO, then more detailing of the Dunalastair IV and its tender (see Gallery for the latest), and in December I started a new loco, Pickersgill 54495 of Helmsdale. I first increased the height of its kit tender, which involved rather more new parts and modifications to kit parts than I expected. After solving most of the tricky 4-4-0 loco design problems on the Dunalastair IV, my first objective with 54495 is simply to get the footplate/cab/boiler geometry and construction right. The cab…

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