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Health Tip #1: Turn Your Electronic Devices Off

28 and Counting...

Did you know that 1 in 10 Americans use their smart phones during sex? How about that 55% of Americans text when they drive, 19% use their phones at their place of worship, and 12% even check their phones while they’re in the shower?1

We are obsessed with our devices and unfortunately it extends beyond our cell phones. We are always connected to something and it’s time to put our electronics down!

Health Tip #1: Turn Your Electronic Devices Off

phone-690091_640I promise, the moment still happened even if your cell phone didn’t capture it and you didn’t share it on social media. Try turning your electronic devices off and simply soaking in the moment.

In the words of Marshall McLuhan, we really do live in a “global village.” For the most part, our technology supports our lives and makes tasks easier. Research is at the click of a button, we can take…

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