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Puddles, sheep and Fire

The simple pleasures in life thanks for sharing

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What did the grandchildren enjoy at Christmas? I’m sure they enjoyed opening presents and eating things, but they also liked getting out. We live along a rutted track and it was a young child’s delight for the rain had filled the holes with water – just right for playing in.

image002There’s the trio of little splashers. They love it!

It’s sometimes hard to know if the youngsters enjoy going to see sheep in the field. They appear interested, though, with Granny there to keep an eye on things.


But very popular was the bonfire grandad lit to dispose of a mountain of ripped wrapping paper. It was quite wild weather and so much heat and light were generated. It really was quite exhilarating.


At first it was just Grandad but others came to enjoy the spectacle.


Sadly, but not unexpectedly, it did very little towards burning away the garden waste…

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