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5 Ways to Cope with Texting Thumbs

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I have a desk job, a blog, and I text a lot. It shouldn’t have come as any surprise to me the first time that my thumbs locked up and I had to take a hiatus from all three. I remember thinking it was pretty funny the first time it happened and joking that evolution should give us an extra set of thumbs just for our devices.

My friend DK told me about the “texting thumb” phenomenon and when I looked it up, I realized that it is a real thing. When it happened again, I still didn’t make any changes and told myself that it would pass in a few days like last time (which it did).

However, I’m currently experiencing the third flare-up and dealing with pain that now radiates up my arm. This time, I am taking it seriously.

Have you ever experienced texting thumbs?

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