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We all have them!

Kyle of Sutherland

Here’s one from 2001 that’s still unfinished. Why is it taking so long?

My beautiful picture       An early tender attempt

This was my first soldering project, based on a Brassmasters kit. I found the compensation instructions difficult to follow, I didn’t know what to do about the tender tank overlays, and I had little prototype information.

Later, in 2004, I took it apart and made a fresh start.

44695 Tender 2 160116       New scratch underframe

I modelled some nice detail, but the design was flawed. The Brassmasters tender was in three parts: tank body, underframe and inside chassis. I was now trying to make the tank body and underframe as a single unit. Unfortunately, the tank body and some other vital parts were destroyed beyond use in the previous dismantling, and I didn’t know what to do next.

Having decided to model Black five 44722 paired with a Stanier part welded tender, I bought the tender…

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