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Newman bites the bullet to raise Council Tax by 3.99%

Had to happen sooner or later 😟

Inside Croydon

Tony Newman, who has spent most of his political career trying to shake-off the tag of “Mr 27 per cent” after a Council Tax increase the last time Labour had control of Croydon Town Hall, must be hoping that “Mr 3.99 per cent” is never quite as catchy.

Council Tax form 2The council leader has bitten the bullet and decided that his beleaguered local authority, denied £45 million of grant by the Tory Government, has to raise some additional funding from somewhere, and has opted to take the 2 per cent increase which Chancellor Gideon Osborne is allowing towards paying for adult social care, plus the 1.99 per cent maximum increase allowed towards other council spending.

The Council Tax increase will be the first in Croydon since 2013, when the Town Hall was  under Tory control. Our borough still charges higher rates of Council Tax than comparable London local authorities. It is calculated…

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