Boris’s farewell tour at the Fairfield goes out with a whimper

Inside Croydon

'C'mon plebs! What you got to say? What! What!' Boris Johnson's farewell tour gets underway in Croydon ‘C’mon plebs! What you got to say? What! What!’ Boris Johnson gets underway in Croydon The hottest ticket in town? WALTER CRONXITE toddled along to the Fairfield Halls last night and found a faded star who had forgotten his lines

So that’s how eight years of Boris’s London reign ends – a public meeting in Croydon closes with a whole line of security heavies making sure no one actually speaks to Johnson, titters as meeting chairman Steve O’Connell announces that he has Mr Dick’s mislaid debit card, and the audience departs the poorly lit auditorium of the Fairfield Halls concert hall disappointed by a below par performance by a poorly briefed Mayor, irritated by political point scoring by non-Tory Assembly members and frustrated by a sense that politicians had spent the previous two hours doing what they are trained to do – not answer questions.

One audience member, Sue Kennett…

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