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ESNG Exhibition 2016 #2


Today, a few pictures from the ESNG N-mod layout.  Most years, we’ve put together a continuous run layout.  However, in 2016, I was having some difficulty thinking how to fit in Azusa Mills, that is an L-shaped layout (pictures in a later post.)  It suddenly occurred to me that if we put together an L-shaped N-mod, Azusa Street could complete the square in the middle of the main hall.  So that’s what we did.

The canal on our speedometer board looks very relaxing and very appealing during a hectic show day.


It’s become an ESNG tradition for Eric the Roundhouse to appear in a different guise at each show we go to.  On Saturday it was Eric the Permanent Way Depot.  In previous years we’ve had Japanese Eric, Lehigh Valley Eric, Class 73 Eric, Taurus Eric.  We could probably do a Stroudley Terrier Eric, if we borrowed them from all the…

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