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Fly the Formal Skies (BOAC corporate identity 1946-1974)

Do you remember?

The Beauty of Transport

I first encountered BOAC’s corporate identity aged seven (proving once again that this blog has been in preparation in my subconscious for rather longer than I initially realised), at my grandparents’ house. There, with my sister, I found a Sindy doll dressed in a blue uniform, carrying a blue bag with white “B.O.A.C” lettering (you can see one via this link, third picture down). I was quite entranced. In my defence, 1) Why should I have to defend it anyway? and 2) there was also a Sindy wardrobe and in my mind, the wardrobe was a Tardis and Sindy was the Doctor’s new recently introduced companion, air hostess Tegan Jovanka. I don’t think my sister completely appreciated this appropriation.

I digress.

What I had stumbled upon was one of the greatest British transport corporate identities of all time, a glamorous and suave branding that remains a symbol of all…

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