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The cuckoo doesn’t call here any more

No Cuckoo in the nest

Locksands Life

In my childhood in Sussex we all knew one bit of folklore. It was that cuckoos were released at Heathfield Fair on 14th April. The experts actually pronounced it as ‘Heffle Fair’ but Heathfield is the name on the map.

I always wanted to go to Heathfield and see the event but that’s not something I’ve done yet. I’m interested to see that the event is still held and cuckoos are released. Sadly, for some years now the cuckoos have not come our way. Last year – 2015 – became the first year in which I didn’t hear a cuckoo at all. The previous year I heard none in my native south but did hear them in Yorkshire.

I’m writing this on April 14th and wondering what cuckoos will I hear this year.

The cuckoo can be seen as a thoroughly nasty bird, dumping eggs in other birds’…

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