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In low-key election, the Tories’ invisible man should win

Inside Croydon

London election graphicTwo years ago, WALTER CRONXITE correctly predicted the 40/30 seat result in the Croydon Council elections. Last year, he said Croydon Central was “too close to call”. So, will he be right in his prediction of tomorrow’s Croydon and Sutton London Assembly vote?

Labour has only once mustered a serious challenge for the Croydon and Sutton London Assembly seat. Twice they have been third and once they just pipped the Liberal Democrats to second place.

Steve O'Connell: happy to campaign for #BackZacAndCrack, but failed as a London Assembly Member to contribute to the Fiveways consultation “Silent Steve” O’Connell: another four years, another £220,000 for doing not very much So the prospects for Marina Ahmad overcoming Tory Steve O’Connell at the polling stations across the two boroughs tomorrow were never great, and while eagerly pursuing a campaign which required a 3per cent swing from the Conservatives, the evidence on the ground suggests that Labour will narrowly miss out on unseating the Kenley councillor from his cosy City Hall sinecure, which has…

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