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Naturelog: 27th April

Pete's Favourite Things

A day in the Purbeck area of Dorset with local birder, Neil Gartmore as our guide.


Our first stop was Morden Bog, an area of Dorset heathland. Our first stop was at a small woodland where we searched for the rare and elusive Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, alas without success, but a number of other woodland species including Greater Spotted and Green Woodpecker were recorded.

Morden Bog Morden Bog

As we walked the heathland paths, we added Dartford Warbler, Woodlark, Redstart, Common Crossbill Siskin and Redpoll although none showed well enough and/or long enough to allow photography.

Morden Bog Morden Bog

Our second stop was Swineham Gravel pit where we saw  an obliging Bar-tailed Godwit and 2 Common Sandpipers alongside the common waterbirds.

Bar-tailed Godwit Bar-tailed Godwit

We then visited Middlebere on one of the inlets of Poole Harbour. In front of the hide we were able o compare Common Redshank with its relative Spotted Redshank.

Middlebere Middlebere

Little egret at Middlebere Little…

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