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Behind the Scenes at Rolvenden, Part 2

Loco Yard

Kent and East Sussex Railway Rolvenden tour 2016 (30)No. 11 SE&CR P Class 753 framesFollowing from yesterdays blog post, we continue the report on the behind the scenes tour at Rolvenden works on the Kent and East Sussex Railway (K&ESR).  The focus this time is on locomotives out of service, that include one that (like the two Terrier tanks) has a historical connection with the railway in pre-preservation days.  Indeed, the locomotive class itself is very similar to the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway’s small A1/A1X Terrier design.  The South Eastern and Chatham Railway P class were designed and built by Harry Wainwright after he had been impressed by the terriers.  The K&ESR’s locomotive, SECR 753, was hired by the K&ESR during Southern Railway days (when numbered 1556).

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