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At Harman’s Cross

A fav station on the Swanage railway

Locksands Life

Swanage is a lovely seaside town in Dorset. In its infinite wisdom, British Railways  and our oh so thoughtful government decided to close the branch railway which runs down the Isle of Purbeck with effect from January 1972. There had been much argument and many delays in managing to close the line.

Despite the rapid formation of the Swanage Railway Society – who hoped to be able to run service trains throughout the year, subsidised by steam trains in the summer, the rails were ripped up. When, at last, railway services did restart, in 1979, it was for very short distances in and out of Swanage station.

In 1988 the line was extended to a brand new station called Harman’s Cross – near a crossroads of that name. A lovely wayside station was built there and, although the line is now much longer, the station remains and is a crossing…

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