Larkrail 2016

Today’s road trip took me from Weymouth to Bath to visit Larkrail at the New Oriel Hall near to the Titfield Thunderbolt bookshop run by Larkrails organiser Simon Castens and very nice it was too. Here are the photos


A good show

5 thoughts on “Larkrail 2016”

  1. What me jealous now I know why you went down there this weekend ,. You could have put layout names with the pictures.

  2. F13 :40
    first Bawdsey Paul Marshall Potter
    2nd Laramie Peter Kimond
    4th Chewton Mendip Tim Ticknel
    5th? Andy Cudnick but I dont think its his layout
    6th Ian Rice Cornish China Clay
    6th first thought was o gauge then wondered if it was one of Justin Newitt oo

  3. What a collection of superb layouts.

    Thank you to Richard Preece for tagging the layouts.

    I really like the coal yard scene in that first photo (img_3656.jpg). Alone that would make a great focal point on a smaller layout.

    As well, I’m still a fan of that china clay layout by Iain Rice. Superb use of the space.

    Thanks for sharing these photos.


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