One of those weeks

Good tips for figure painting

Railway Misadventures

It has been one of those weeks where nothing works out. The original plan to make the point control began well enough with the wires all in place, but was scuppered when the drill bit I intended to use turned out to be about as sharp as a badgers bottom.Not wanting to give up I ordered three replacement 0.5mm drill bits.

The first snapped the first time I used it. I took it out of the drill I was using and squeezed the replacement into my hand-powered mini drill. This was made back in the 1960’s when men were men and apparently could force a drill to work by hand without any of that namby-pamby padding on modern drills, but eventually I made it through the switches, without snapping a second bit, and went on to drill holes in the Preiser figures I bought ages ago.

And snapped the second…

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