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August progress

Kyle of Sutherland

“Under a threatening sky moving in from the west, The Mails leaves Culrain Station behind a Black Five before crossing the Oykel Viaduct over the Kyle of Sutherland and starting its climb up to Lairg.”

That’s the narrative. Here’s stage one of the model reality courtesy of the new north end backscene I painted in the middle of the month:

Scenery 32 160817      “The Mails” leaving Culrain

The backscene is a companion piece to that in “July progress” for views south. In this part of the world bad weather tends to come in from the west/north-west while milder weather is more usually seen looking east/south-east.

This is only stage one because the clouds should be much smoother and the colours more graded: largely, I guess, because in reality we view them at quite a distance. However, having spent a couple of days on this backscene, I needed to return to my main…

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