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Throwback Thursday (just do it..)

Albion Yard

Today I’ve been tidying the workbench and office area where I do my modelling. If you’re like me that’s akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic for all the good it’ll do! I did find some ‘artifacts’ though such is the depth of the stash of things I’ll one day need…

I did find a few sets of images a grouping of them can be seen above. They show some of my first efforts of a finescale solo build. This was early 90’s the 56XX a mix of a Mainline body, Perseverance chassis, Ultrascale wheels (EM),and Portescap motor, again an early foray into solo modelling rather than as a club or society member. The layout and track were built by myself learning the hard way. The most challenging element were my first points. These were from K&L components and were the forerunners of the C&L range. There were…

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