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Corbyn supporters in Croydon Labour continue to be purged

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Inside Croydon

With a matter of days to go until voting closes in the latest phase of the never-ending Labour leadership contest, and the purge of Corbyn supporters within the Croydon Labour Party continues, with members suspended and told that their votes will not count.

'Outraged by Steve Reed': Genevieve Murray-Dinsmore, Croydon North's women's officer, is a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn Genevieve Murray-Dinsmore, Croydon North’s women’s officer, is a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. She has been suspended by Labour

Most prominent among the latest round of suspendees is Genevieve Murray-Dinsmore, who until yesterday, when she received her notice of suspension, was Croydon North Constituency Labour Party’s women’s officer.

Murray-Dinsmore said whe was “devastated” by the decision, which she regards as unfair and her suspension without good cause.

There are strong grounds for suspicion that Murray-Dinsmore has been singled out because last month she dared to speak to Inside Croydon in support of a young woman member of her local party who had been subjected to a visit from…

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