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Inspiration from Warley #1

Albion Yard

Well if you read the interweb too much it’ll range from, it’s too crowded there’s nothing to see there what’s all the fuss about, through to it’s the bestest thing evaaa!, and, an opportunity to engage in mortal hand to hand combat over the use of assorted bags to carry ‘stuff’ in. It is of course a mix of all three to varying degrees. You can of course use the exhibition as a really good place to find lots of things and people you want to speak to all in one place. This year I’d got a bit more time on my hands than I’ve had in past years, and was able to look around the layouts. Myself and a few others I spoke to on the day and subsequently, felt the choice and quality of layouts was better than in recent years. Of them ‘Minories’ in 18.83…

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