MP Philp’s no strike rail plan reaches the bellend of the line

The mans an idiot. Perhaps he should work on the railway for a day. Another example of a Tory who wants to eradicate democracy and let Govia profit out of people’s misery.

Inside Croydon

Chris Philp, the Tory MP for Croydon South, has been slapped down by No10 Downing Street today over what a spokesman for his own Conservative Prime Minister described as an “unhelpful” intervention in the Southern Railways industrial dispute, just as the parties have agreed to seek arbitration from ACAS.

southern-railPhilp piped up yesterday with one of his wacky far-right notions (and he subscribes to several) to remove the right to strike from railway staff. Because that’s exactly the sort of thing he reckons will go down well with the Torygraph-reading commuters of Coulsdon.

Once upon a time, when he thought it would win him favour among his new constituents, Philp tried to claim that he was on their side over the terrible service provided by Southern Railways, and he was boasting that he was intervening personally with the transport minister and demanding that Govia Thameslink, the rail operators, should…

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