Minories #3 – alternative Minories…..


The last couple of posts on Minories have given enough ideas for any number of successful layouts.  But I’ve been playing around with the basic idea, and have a couple of ideas that could have some mileage.

Firstly, Minories on a curve.  This track layout also appeared in RMWeb.


It keeps the Minories track layout, but bends it around a curve.  The end result is an even smoother run into any of the three plaforms with no reverse curves at all.  It does lose a little of the character of the approach tracks, but with the addition of a fiddle yard (perhaps a mirror image of the layout) it would make a fine layout for a small L-shaped corner.

A second thought is the ‘bitsa-station’ approach.  Again, and Iain Rice idea, as may be obvious from the name!  Here we make the observation that the station platforms are often the…

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