Watson: There’s nothing council can do over £1.4bn Westfield

Inside Croydon

WALTER CRONXITE, who watches council meetings so that you don’t have to, on the latest Town Hall scrutiny committee meeting

The council has no “leverage” to encourage Westfield and Hammerson to speed up the delivery of their £1.4billion redevelopment of the Whitgift shopping centre, and more than five years after the Croydon riots ripped the town centre apart, the senior cabinet member in charge of the local economy has no plans for the site of Reeves Corner which was destroyed in that infamous night’s conflagration – beyond growing mushrooms from coffee grinds.

Mark Watson: keeping a check on cold callers Mark Watson: no powers over Westfield, no plan for Reeves Corner

Those were two of the damning admissions from Mark Watson during an 90-minute-long grilling at Tuesday night’s scrutiny meeting on the Labour council’s plans for jobs and the local economy.

Watson is part of the four-councillor clique of Progress-supporters which dominates the Labour council and which since…

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