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“Beech Module (South)” is the last of four front-of-layout view blockers and contains the three beeches across the road from Station Cottage’s garage, as seen in the photograph behind the roll of fuse wire.

trees-8-170214-4427       Beech tree armatures

The tree front right is a substantial 360-degree representation (temporarily installed in the module base), while the one to its left is a 180-degree tree, and the one behind is a 90-degree tree. This allows some compression to fit the space available and, by the by, reduces the modelling time.

trees-9-170214-4429       Tree planting

After initial foliation, here’s the full tree and the quarter tree planted, while the three-quarter tree awaits its turn. A bit like a jigsaw, each tree should ideally match its neighbour.

trees-10-170214-4434       All joined up

I’ve tried to strike a balance between realistic foliage and being able to see some background through…

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