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Have you given up on your resolutions yet?

Food for thought


Every year, the NMRA send me a magazine to tell me about voting and the like.  I don’t subscribe for the other 11 months, as the BRNMRA magazine ‘Roundhouse’ is far better (or perhaps it is just more British?)  However, there was a good editorial in it by Cinthia Priest, that is worth passing on.  Here are four (edited) hints to develop the self-discipline to get on with your modelling, and finish your current project:

So how do we increase our ‘self-discipline to say “no” to another locomotive purchase when we have hundreds of feet of main line to scenic?

First, learn from your mistakes (or in this case regrets.)  If you suffer from “buyer’s remorse,” examine what caused you to but that diesel locomotive for your steam-era layout.  “It was cool” is not (despite what my husband says) a good reason to acquire something you will probably never run.

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