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A way to make slate tiles


No, no, I’m not talking about this.

Long term listeners will know that several years ago I did a post about adding lead flashing to Metcalfe buildings.

Well I finally got round to it today having the day off and the Mini-mes at various educational facilities.

So here’s how to do it.

Use printer paper. It needs to be a high enough weight to cope with wetting without disintegrating so envelopes won’t work but any old post will. In this case I used an interesting missive about how York council spend my money for me.

With a soft pencil scribble side to side across the paper laying down several layers.

Wet your fingers using your preferred method (yes you can lick them but I wouldn’t advise it). I use the soldering iron sponge wipe the pencil marks to break up the lines between the scribbles.

Cut the scribbles into strips…

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