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ESNG Exhibition 2017 #2


A feature of ESNG shows is ERIC the Roundhouse.  We try to have ERIC appear in a new guise for each show – recent themes have been a PW depot, locomotives seen in Redhill, Japanese locomotives, and Lehigh Valley diesels.  However, we were running out of ideas.  A flash of inspiration, and we proudly present: ERIC, International Tramway Museum.  I didn’t realise I had quite that many trams!

On the far side of the hall, John Brightwell’s ‘Alpenbahn’ modular layout settled down to run a steady stream of trains all day.  Alpenbahn was originally conceived and constructed as a modular layout by members of ESNG. It is now being curated by John Brightwell. As the name suggests, an alpine scene is represented, the idea being that very long prototypical trains can be run through an evocative landscape. Today, Alpenbahn is linked to two of Richard Oliver’s N-Club modules.

We invited Richard…

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